Becoming a primal / paleo mom

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When it was just me and my husband, living a primal lifestyle was fairly easy – we worked hard, we played hard and we had lots of time for our respective hobbies and interests. If there wasn’t enough time one day, we would just think, “oh okay, we’ll just get up early tomorrow.”

So when I got pregnant in late 2012, I had a ton of good intentions. I vowed to eat primal, continue to use my kettlebells at least 3-4 times a week and to generally be as healthy as possible for my baby. Ummmm, and then the nausea and cravings hit. So it’s safe to say that my good intentions went out the window and I ate a lot of pizza and chicken wings.

Fast forward to December 2013 and I’m 4 months post partum. Breastfeeding was supposed to help the weight drop off and allow me to eat 500 extra calories a day, right? Riiiight… It didn’t really turn out that way for me and despite losing the majority of my pregnancy weight in the first month, I slowly but surely put it all back on. This is despite walking at least 5 miles everyday with a 15 pound baby strapped to my front in the Ergo carrier – what gives!?!

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that I needed to clean up my diet and stop using breastfeeding as a pass for eating cake, chocolate, bread, pasta and drinking loads of milky coffees. What can I say – my brain was in a fog because of the lack of sleep and my primal past was not connecting at all with my present.

It took giving up sugar for Lent to show me that getting healthy for me was 90% about what I ate and 10% about how I moved. After about a month, I decided to give up wheat. Finally, I cut my dairy consumption to the odd piece of cheese and maximum one cappuccino a day. Et voila!

I was so inspired by this, it made really stop and think about what I was feeding my baby and my husband. My husband is still not 100% convinced about primal / paleo eating, subscribing to the notion, ‘everything in moderation’. However, because I do the grocery shopping and the cooking, I have more of an opportunity to stealthily nudge his eating in a better direction at home.

We’ve been eating primally for the past three months and it’s really starting to pay dividends. I’ve lost the baby weight, M has lost a few inches around the waist and baby J has been able to sample a wide range of delicious food – fruit, vegetables, meat and nuts – and he eats whatever we eat!

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