Getting to know you: #fdbloggers version

I’ve recently realised that despite the name of this blog being eat love move, I’ve been focusing far more on the love side of it. Probably a bit of nutrition fatigue after the intensity of the first year of my course and the desire for a bit of a break from thinking about the nuts and bolts of micronutrients, macronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

Anyway, last week, the lovely Katie tagged me as a #fdblogger to get to know (thank you!), which happily pulled me out of my nutrition funk.

Name: Le’Nise

Blog: eat love move

What was your reason for starting a blog? This is actually my second blog. I have another advertising and marketing focused blog that I use for work. I started this blog when I realised that I wanted to have an outlet for all of my nutrition, health and wellness thoughts and have a place to process everything I was learning in my course. This blog and my Instagram keep pushing me to learn more, try more and make better food.

What is the dish you’re most proud of?  There isn’t a dish in particular I’m proud of. I’m just happy that I’m learning more cooking techniques and feeding my family freshly made, healthy food. If I had to choose one, it would probably be the shakshuka I made this past weekend. I’ve recently been playing about with umami flavours and it’s a bit of a goal of mine to slow down when I can and simmer sauces for as long as possible to deepen the flavour.

What one kitchen utensil could you not live without? I’m currently obsessed with my Le Creuset skillet. It just cooks food so well.

What three ingredients would you take if you were stranded on a desert island?  Coconut oil, lots of lovely grass fed organic meat and veg. Millions of meals, right there.

Who do you take inspiration from? A bit of a mixed bag. I love browsing through cookbooks, especially Nom Nom Paleo, Hemsley Hemsley and Leith’s How to Cook. I also get a lot of cooking inspiration from Instagram. Jamie Oliver continues to be a big inspiration – I love his food campaigning work.

What is your favourite social media platform? 100% Instagram. I can spend ages exploring profiles and finding new people to follow.

Favourite spot for coffee? I love coffee and I have a few hotspots that I like to visit in different neighbourhoods. TAMP is my favourite local coffee joint, I love Workshop coffee when I’m around Oxford Circus and there are too many places to name around Shoreditch, Spitalfields. I LOVE coffee and get really annoyed when I have a bad cup.

Favourite food photo you’ve taken? I’ve spent some time recently trying to improve my photo techniques. I still pretty much exclusively use my iPhone 5 and have read some good guides on iPhone photo techniques – which seem to focus on getting the exposure right, shooting during the day when possible and using the rule of thirds. I really like this photo I took when I was shucking beans a few weeks ago. The colour of the bowl really pops.


What would you say is your most successful blog post and why? My post on Whole 30 friendly Nakd bars consistently drives traffic to my blog. Clearly lots of people are wondering the same thing I did when I did my second Whole 30 at the beginning of the year!

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