Month: December 2017

I Tried It: Alternate Nostril Breathing

Have you heard about alternate nostril breathing?   This is an incredible way of shifting your nervous system from fight or flight stress mode to rest and digest, relaxation mode.   You’re essentially breathing consciously, taking in more air and reducing your blood pressure.   […]

Have you tried mindful drinking?

How much have you been drinking this holiday season? So many events revolve around having a festive tipple or two, which feels fun at the time, but may not be helping you get to your health goals and may be stopping any desired weight loss. […]

The 2017 Eat Love Move Holiday Gift Guide: For The Child That Loves To Help In The Kitchen

A great way to get kids interested in food, especially more nutritious food, is for them to help in the kitchen. My little guy loves helping me. His favourite kitchen duties are chopping up veg, stirring the pot, mixing pancake batter and doing the washing up (yes, really!).

Here are a few gift ideas to help instil a love of cooking in the kids in your life.


P.S. Check out my gift guide for the foodie in your life  and for the person that needs a little self-care.


little cooks co brownie boxLittle Cooks Co Healthy Cooking Kit. These cooking kits for kids are a lovely way to get them in the kitchen and trying out new flavours. Every month, there’s a new healthy snack recipe, all the dry organic ingredients to make it and a kid friendly family dinner recipe too! Get 25% of your first kit by using BOX1 at checkout.

kuhn rikon kids cooking knivesKuhn Rikon Knife Set. These knives are an amazing and safe way to teach your kids knife skills. They’re sharp enough that they can cut through softer vegetables without harming little fingers if they slip.

little helper fun pod kitchen stoolLittle Helper Fun Pod Kitchen Stool. I wish I had one of these when my son was younger. It’s a nice way for kids to reach the same height as the kitchen counter and for you to feel secure that they’re not going to fall off or accidentally touch a hot pot or pan.

personalised children's apronPersonalised apron. Make them feel like a top chef with their own personalised apron.

personalised wooden spoon set

Or a personalised wooden spoon set. How cute is this!

lunchbots stainless steel lunch boxLunchbots Stainless Steel Bento Box. These are a great way for your kids to take their packed lunch to school and are durable enough to last being thrown around in the school backpack. We have one and it’s so nice for J to have a few easy options in one place for his lunch.

nadiya's festive kids cookbookNadiya’s Bake Me A Festive Story. This is a lovely gift for an older child, with lots of easy to make cookies and cakes.

leithsLeiths Cooking Course For Teenagers. If you have teenagers or nearly teenagers, a cooking course is a lovely way to help them gain a little independence and learn how to cook a few meals. A great life skill, especially when they go to university and need to fend for themselves!




6 ways to enjoy the holiday season

I’ve been talking about shifting mindset away from thinking about ‘surviving’ the holiday season towards enjoying the holiday season. Here are 6 ways to mindfully enjoy the holiday season without throwing all your health and fitness goals out the window.   1. Remember your long-term […]

Forget ‘surviving’ the festive season, enjoy it instead!

This is the time of year where we get invited to loads of parties and enjoy ourselves (maybe a bit too much!). It’s totally normal to want to let your hair down and relax some of your ‘food and alcohol rules’.   Many people have […]

The 2017 Eat Love Move Holiday Gift Guide: For Self-Care (For You or A Loved One)

Self-care has been a big topic this year and rightly so. It’s a nice way to do little things to take care yourself to reset amidst hectic lives and uncertainty.


Self-care doesn’t have to cost anything and I worry about the commercialisation of this term. Sleep,  positive self-talk and eating well are the best forms of self-care and the first two are free!


Here are some ideas if you want to give a self-care themed gift to a loved one.

P.S. Check out my gift guide for the foodie in your life.


daylesford organic candle

I’m obsessed with these Daylesford Organic candles. They’re paraffin and GM wax free and smell amazing.  Perfect to light just before a yoga or mediation session.



A wood and ceramic diffuser is a brilliant way to clean the air and can be very calming, especially when you add in a few essential oils. And your house will smell amazing too!


yoga with adriene

A subscription to the Yoga with Adriene Find What Feels Good app. A daily yoga practice can create an amazing sense of health and wellbeing. For me personally, it grounds and calms me, whilst being an incredible workout that has sorted out my dodgy back and right knee.


eat love move holiday gift certificate

A health & wellbeing consultation with me! Give yourself or your loved one the best start to 2018 with a personalised gift certificate for a consultation or value towards a package.


sister and co coconut scrub

I love this body scrub. It’s such a beautiful product that makes the shower feel like a spa. So rejuvenating and the matcha in it helps to give you a healthy glow.


plyopic yoga mat

A colourful yoga mat (that can go in the washing machine).  There is something nice about having your own yoga mat when you take yoga classes, isn’t there?


weighted blanket

A weighted blanket. These are amazing – they ‘trick’ the nervous system into thinking you’re receiving a hug or some form of touch and can help you relax and fall asleep more easily. Perfect for those times when you’re struggling to switch your brain off.



8 ways to beat colds and flu

When the temperature drops, the chance of you coming down with a cold or the flu increases significantly.   It’s widely accepted you’ll get sick more often in the winter.   That’s because you’re likely to be inside more and the common cold thrives better […]

The 2017 Eat Love Move Holiday Gift Guide: For The Foodie In Your Life

It’s December, which means that the tree is up, we’re playing Christmas tunes non-stop and my husband goes on his daily mince pie extravaganza.   I’ve been working hard to bring you my first Holiday gift guide, with different themes, where I give you gift […]