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The 2018 Eat Love Move Happy Hormone Holiday Gift Guide, Part 2: To Help Balance Your Hormones

We’re a week away from Christmas. Are you ready?  I’m still getting those last minute gifts and hoping for a little gift inspiration for a few of my loved ones that are a little bit more difficult to buy for. 

The 2018 Eat Love Move happy hormone health holiday gift guide


Part one of my happy hormone holiday gift guide was dedicated to a few different products that will help you or your loved ones go plastic-free (or just use a little less).  Have a look if you need a little inspiration! 


This gift guide is dedicated to gifts that help support hormone balance and help reduce that amount of harmful chemicals going into the body through makeup, cleaning products, skin care or cooking utensils. 


Happy shopping! 


Lodge Cast Iron Pan 

I adore my Lodge cast iron pan and cook most things in it, from ragu sauce to pancakes to chilli. The trick is make sure to oil the pan and clean it properly. Do this and it will last for ages (and food won’t stick!). My cousin uses a cast-iron pan she inherited from our grandfather – he bought it at least 50 years ago! 

The other benefit of a cast iron pan? You avoid the hormone disrupting chemicals that make non-stick pans not stick. 


Intey HEPA Air Purifier

This air filter is a lovely gift for the winter months when most of us don’t open the windows in our home as often as the summer, so the air gets stale and potential allergens like animal hair and mould hang around longer than they should, putting extra strain on the body’s various detoxification functions. 


RMS ‘Un’ Cover Up

This is the perfect way to introduce a loved one to non-toxic, natural makeup. The RMS range, designed by Rose-Marie Swift, a make-up artist is made from non-allergenic, environmentally friendly ingredients and avoids the ones that are likely to disrupt hormones. I use this cover-up everyday and it goes on beautifully and the coconut oil in it makes it very moisturising. 


Living Nature Natural Lipstick

Did you know that many lipsticks contain high levels of lead and other heavy metals? And because it’s applied on the lips, a lot of it is often swallowed. Happily, there are many natural, non-toxic alternatives on the market, including this fabulous lipstick by Living Nature, a New Zealand based natural beauty brand. 


Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil 

I had to include my favourite coconut oil brand on this list. This coconut oil is a beautiful moisturiser for the skin and hair and absorbs very well, which is one of my biggest issues with coconut oil. Some brands leave the skin looking very shiny! This one doesn’t and smells great too. 


Afro Skin and Beauty Natural Hair and Skincare

This is a wonderful brand, selling high quality natural hair and skin care.  It’s always nice to support small businesses, especially at this time of year, so definitely check out this company! 


Dr. Bronner’s Sal Suds Natural Cleaning Soap

Have you considered making the shift to natural cleaning products? Dr. Bronner’s are a great brand that make very versatile natural cleaning and body care products. And their labels are chockfull of instructions on exactly how to make your own cleaning spray. 


Amber Glass Cleaning Bottles

These amber glass spray bottles are a lovely way to store a homemade cleaning spray. You could make up a few bottles and give them a Christmas gifts! 


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Getting natural with makeup, skincare and homecare. 

SkinPhoto by Anna Sastre

A few of my girlfriends have been chatting over email this week about natural beauty and cleaning products. As I was adding my two cents into the mix, I realised that over the past two years, I have completely overhauled my beauty bag and cleaning cupboard into something that reflects the principle, ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin / clean your house with it.’  And according to the Times, more and more consumers are starting to think this way.

I’ve used Ecover and Method products for a long time, but I used to buy lots of mainstream beauty products, like Chanel, Bobbi Brown and MAC. Then as I read and researched more into skincare and ingredients like parabens, SLS and the like, I realised what effect these things had on the body and specifically, the endocrine system, the system that produces hormones like estrogen, progesterone and insulin. A lot of these ingredients disrupt the endocrine system and affect the way your body produces these essential hormones. And to add insult to injury, it’s hard for the body to get rid of the ingredients and many tend to be stored in fatty tissue in various parts of the body.

I like to use Think Dirty, an iOS app to check the ingredients in homecare (soaps, detergents, etc) and beauty products to make sure I’m buying the right things for my house, myself and my family. It was through Think Dirty that I discovered that some of my Bobbi Brown products weren’t as bad as I thought!

There are a few amazing websites to get natural / organic beauty products in the UK. I really like Naturismo and Content Beauty (they have a shop in Marylebone which is super cute, you can lots of samples). I also love checking out the latest in Whole Foods and As Nature Intended as well. The staff are generally quite helpful and you can usually find quite a few bargains too! I’ve recently discovered rms beauty – an amazing natural beauty line by a make up artist called Rose-Marie Swift. The concealers and tinted moisturisers are coconut oil based and amazing for the skin. I also love her lip2cheek product, made with coconut oil and shea butter and no lead (!) (most lipsticks have lead in them as a by-product of the manufacturing process) and looks amazing on the cheeks and lips! I also love Dr Hausckha, Korres and beauty counter.

Like loads of other beauty bloggers, I love to use coconut oil or Egyptian Magic as a moisturiser for my hair, face & body. Egyptian Magic is especially brilliiant as it’s only made from olive oil, beeswax, honey, bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis, which are all super nourishing, healing and moisturising.

When it comes to household cleaning products, I really like Ecover, Dr Bronner’s and Dayleford Organics, although my mother tells me that vinegar, lemon and water that do the job just as well.