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Stories I loved this week.

Happy weekend! I can’t wait to hang out with my husband and son and relax this weekend.  And it’s Bonfire Night on Saturday! We’re going to check out our local Guy Fawkes fireworks display and let J have a few sparklers  – can’t wait!

What are you up to this weekend?

How it feels when your friends have babies. (Refinery 29)

What to eat when you have no idea what to cook. (The Pool)

I learned how to sharpen knives on Leiths knife skills course last year and it has been a revelation for my food prep. (Lucky Peach)

I love this idea of fine dining club for young children and their parents. I was a part of one when I was on maternity leave and it was incredible to be able to try some of the top restaurants in London with my son with me. (Bon Appetit)

The woman is incredible – doing so much, with a little toddler by her side. (Motherly)

How to choose a probiotic that will actually work. (Well + Good)

This is one of the best things I’ve read in a while. (Nplusone)

In case you missed it earlier on the blog…

I made chestnut pancakes and they were sooo good.

I’ve been wondering why we don’t talk about nutritious eating more.

Stories I loved this week.

I’m back in student clinic this weekend and I’m really looking forward to getting hands with clients and turning all of my theoretical knowledge into practice.

What are you up to this weekend?

Yes, there really is something so comforting about great cookery writing. I’m finding myself reading cookbooks before bed more often and tend to return to the ones that tell great stories around each recipe. (The Pool)

Too much social media perfection can definitely affect a new mother’s sanity. I remember more than a few nights of feeling down after scrolling through the Instagram feeds of those ‘perfect’ mothers. Sometimes the only answer is to log out and put the phone away 🙂 (The Guardian)

A great primer on adaptogens. I love maca, cordyceps and ashwaghanda.  (goop)

I (really) want these leggings.

It’s squash and pumpkin season and I’m really hoping not to cut my hands up this year opening them. (Bon Appetit)

What knitting can teach us about parenting. (New York Times)

How great is this macrame plant holder? It’s a bit 70s without being too kitschy.

Stories I loved this week.


How has your week been? It’s starting to feel like Autumn in London and we’re starting to pull out our jumpers and fall coats and laying up. I like the crisp weather and the smell of fires being lit. It reminds me of starting a new year of university in Montreal and all the lovely fall foliage and coziness.

The weekend we’re going to try to catch this bee exhibit at Kew Gardens. What are you up to?

Are mothers the most efficient workers? (Motherly)

I want this coat. (ASOS)

This is really worrying, given the huge problem of antibiotic resistance and the effect antibiotics in the food supply can have our gut microbiome. (The Guardian)

Are you the type of cook that keeps bones in the freezer? Yep – the more bones you have, the more gelatinous the stock. (The Kitchn)

Wow – 100% of the mothers at this company return to work. (Quartz)

I’m starting to get fed up with using cling film and have been looking for sustainable alternatives. I love the look of these reusable silicone lids. (Food 52)

It’s so important for women to talk about miscarriages and for this be normalised. (Stylist)

This cheered me up on a gloomy afternoon at work. (Glamour)

Stories I loved this week.

I’ve had a little hiatus from the blog. Things were getting on top of me and I needed to stop, have a breather and take stock. It’s important to do that once in a while, don’t you think?

We’ve also been on holiday to Mallorca (one of my favourite places on earth!) and although I came back with a cold, I feel mentally rested and ready to start my final year of my Nutrition degree (this weekend!).

Could you be a fruitarian? I personally couldn’t, but it’s interesting to get a peek into how they rationalise their choice. (Broadly)

How much do celebrities spend on fitness? (Well + Good)

How the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat. (NY Times)

Ketchup chips – any good Canuck will love these. (AV Club)

Great exercise rule – try not to skip two days in a row. (Summer Tomato)

I’ve just bought this cookbook and I’m really enjoying working my way through it. The chickpea pancakes on page 92 are great.

Feeding babies peanuts and eggs can reduce their risk of allergies later in life. This is an update to the previous advice that said that parents should wait to introduce allergenic food. Makes sense, especially based on what we know about the immune system and the role gut bacteria play in digesting food. (JAMA)

Stories I loved this week.

rye castle

How’s your week been? We have a very low-key weekend planned – a lot of cooking, hanging out, bike riding and family time. I’m really looking forward to it.

We’re also continuing our tradition of sampling the best brunch places in London. It’s a fun thing to do and a nice treat for the weekend. Any recommendations?

The complicated relationship women have with their Afro hair. I’m currently debating whether to go natural – it’s a big decision. (The Pool)

I just got this book – can’t wait to dive into more research into the microbiomes within us.

A wrenching first person account of a miscarriage. Honest and sad reading. (Refinery29)

I really want to make these cumin roasted potatoes. (Lucky Peach)

Great t-shirt. (& Other Stories)

Have you seen The Mask You Live In? I’ve just added it to my Netflix watch list.

Great advice on how to protect your wellness brand. (Well To Do)

Stories I loved this week.



How’s your week been? We’re planning a fun weekend, mainly geared towards pre-birthday celebrations for J.

He’s turning three (3!) and I think we’re more excited than he is. We’ve got a trip to Whipsnade planned for Saturday and then a trip to see a working Thomas The Tank Engine train on Sunday. J is going to love it and I can’t wait to see his reaction.


Have you gotten into the Olympics yet? It’s taken me awhile, but I’m there. I’ve been devouring articles and think pieces about the athletes and events. Something that consistently irritates me is the intertwining of female athleticism and femininity. Why do we need to be reassured about their femininity? (The Atlantic)

We’re currently in throes of tackling a very specific fear of monsters with little J and we’re focused on not amplifying the fear – tricky when it’s 3am and you have a crying child on your hands. (The Cut)

I love the sound of this summer gazpacho, especially on these hot August days in London. (Bon Appetit)

Could you cut out all food with added sugar? (Self)

And what about all the sugar in fruit. Wrongly demonised, the sugar spike from whole fruit is modulated by the fibre and phytonutrients in the fruit. (Nutrition Facts)

I love this so much. Reminds you that the way your loved ones (especially your children!) is so different from the way you see yourself. (Cup of Jo)


Stories I loved this week.

wembley stadium

I got my exam results this week and I’m officially out of my funk! Without fully realising it, I’ve been really stressed out about getting my results back and it’s had a knock-on effect on other parts of my life. When I got my mark and saw that I had passed (with flying colours!), it felt like a weight off my shoulders.

And now the weekend’s here and I’m looking forward to pottering about, heading to a few children’s birthday parties with little J (he’s almost 3 and he has a fabulous social life!) and checking out Soho Farmhouse with some friends. Here’s hoping we have some great weather too!

I have been really getting into using my pressure cooker this week and I’m really enjoying going through Nom Nom Paleo’s pressure cooker recipes. The Instant Pot really is a game-changer!

It’s amazing what Olympic / professional athletes eat and utterly unsurprising they gain so much weight in the off-season. (Bon Appetit)

More reasons why breast milk is amazing. There are compounds (human milk oligosaccharides) in it that were previously thought to be indigestible, now known to there specifically to good bacteria in the baby’s gut. So cool. (The New Yorker)

Is your gut making you sick? (The Guardian)

How community supported agriculture is becoming messy in the US. (New York Times)

I really want to try this earl-grey glazed salmon. (Hemsley + Hemsley)

6 things you need to know about marketing yourself as a practitioner. (Dr. Jill Carnahan)

Stories I loved this week.


Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your mojo? You know, that spark, the get-up and go that pushes you forward into new projects and new work. I’m starting to feel like I need to issue a missing person’s report for my mojo. I was hoping that a bit of rest and relaxation after my exam would rejuvenate me, and it has, but my pep has still not returned. Any advice?

I’m hoping that a change of scenery will do the trick and have organised some day trips. Oh and the holiday research has begun again in earnest. There’s nothing like a bit of Mediterranean sun to put things into perspective and bring back the mojo and energy.

I love this day in a life from one of the top researchers and new mum at Google: “It’s almost like somehow I give myself the permission self-consciously to just do the piece that I think is the most important because I know I can’t do it all.” (NY Mag)

10 facts you probably don’t know about sunscreen. I really want to try the Beauty Counter sunscreen – when will they start to sell it in the UK! (Well + Good)

I really want to try some of these ice lolly recipes! (Bon Appetit)

An objective view on ‘clean eating’ and ‘dirty food’ (i.e burgers, kebabs, chicken, etc). (The Guardian)

Baking successfully with alternative flours. The almond flour lemon yoghurt cake looks particularly good. (goop)

Get rid of your back up plan. (The Pool)

8 women talk about how they feel about their post-baby bodies. (The Cut)

Photo by Matthieu Million

Stories I loved this week.

mother and child in landscape

Happy, happy, happy weekend! What are you up to? We’re doing some bits and pieces to our house to make it look tip top to sell, heading to central London for brunch and generally pottering about.

I’m really enjoying my summer break and getting a little psychic space to reflect on what I’ve learned this year and think about my plans for when I graduate.

Turmeric is the root of the moment. (NY Mag)

Bad news in the summer heat – iced coffee doesn’t have the same caffeine content as regular coffee. (Science of Us)

How to push yourself through a really hard workout. (Well + Good)

The three most powerful game changers in recent scientific literature – the microbiome, exosomes and belief / the placebo effect. (Dr Kelly Brogan)

I want to try this lovely summer salad recipe – watermelon, mint, prosciutto and almond, yum! (Bon Appetit)

The UK government recently recommended that everyone start supplementing with vitamin D. So how much should you actually take? (Clinical Education)

Great advice if you’re looking to change careers. #5 and #6 really resonate with me. (Well + Good)

Do your gut microbes control your food cravings? (Chris Kresser)

Photo by Jenn Richardson

Stories I loved this week.


footsteps on the beach

How do you keep your spirits up when it feels like you want to give the whole world a time-out, when so much seems to keep going wrong? What do you do to keep the positive energy going in your life?

Switching off and staying away from news sites & social media has become an essential part of my self-care, especially in the last three weeks. I don’t want to shut the world away, but sometimes I want a break from the bad news and bad behaviour. Is that selfish? Is it indulgent? It has become a necessity in order to avoid burnout.

So here’s to the weekend – may yours be full of long baths, cosy moments, good food and spiritual renewal.

A great summary of how to choose your weekly groceries in an ethical way. (NY Mag)

And I’m so in awe of what my body can do – I’m so proud of it.’ Women talk about how they feel about their bodies six weeks after giving birth. (The Pool)

5 tips for taking good food photos on your iPhone. (goop)

It’s fascinating to see the changes in attitudes towards food waste. This Spanish company is growing exponentially just using ‘imperfect’ produce. Inspiring. (The Guardian)

4 foods that can cause hormonal imbalance. Tofu is a big one. Fermented soy is a much better way to get phytoestrogens. (The Chalkboard)

I adore this series: 15 surprising things about parenting in Iceland. (Cup of Jo)

What happens to your body when you switch to an all-organic diet. Fascinating. (Fast Company)

Photo by Ana Gabriel

Stories I loved this week.

golden gate bridge

The countdown continues. Only one week left until my exam and I have to admit that it’s been incredibly challenging to study this week. My concentration has been completely shot, as I toggle through various tabs of post-Brexit coverage on my browser, whilst I incessantly refresh Twitter. Absolutely breathtaking times.

Any tips for how to concentrate?

P.S. Happy belated Canada Day!

An interesting take on the fetishisation of all things French – women, parenting, etc. (NY Mag)

Have you listened to Garance Dore’s podcast, Pardon My French? Here’s her latest, with a really sweet interview with Corinne Bailey Rae.

Good ideas for how to get rid of all the little condiment dregs that end up hanging around in the fridge. (Bon Appetit)

I’ve recently revamped my eating habits a little, taking down my meat consumption to just once per day, mainly at dinner time. It’s easier to guarantee that I’m eating good quality organic meat – I’d rather not eat meat at all than eat conventional meat. (Chris Kresser)

I want to try this summer quinoa salad recipe. I’ve been sprouting my quinoa before I cook it and I’m sure it’s making it easier for me to digest. (Summer Tomato)

A nice explainer on antioxidants. The easiest way to get them? Eat more fresh fruit and veg! (Greatist)

Photo by Denys Nevozhai

Stories I loved this week.

white roses

What a week it’s been here in the UK. Huge divisions have been exposed that will take a long time to heal. It’s time to move forward.

I love these types of articles – a 10 year oral history of The Devil Wears Prada, one of my all time favourite movies (who’s with me on hating the ending of the Paris trip?). (Variety)

A great vitamin D primer – what is it, its importance in the body and how to get more of it. Vitamin D deficiency is a big problem in the UK, with our rainy summers and dreary winters. (goop)

Hormone-free alternatives to the pill. (Stylist)

More on the importance of nurturing your gut bacteria – how your gut health effects your emotional wellbeing. (Elle)

4 different women, 4 different incomes. A fascinating look at how different women budget and spend their money. (Esquire)


Stories I loved this week.

bike in the golden hour

It’s been a bit of daze of working and studying recently. I’ve managed to squeeze a few fun things like seeing Sarah Wilson speak last week and have some lovely dinners with my friends and my boys.

Only a few more weeks of study and I’ll be done for the summer! What are your summer plans?

Science is showing us that depression is an inflammatory condition, not a chemical imbalance as previously thought. It’s amazing that there more information emerging about the importance of the gut microbiome. (Well + Good)

I’m still thinking about the amazing 10% Human. So much fascinating research about the gut microbiome (i.e. the good and bad bacteria in our gut), its effect on our immune system and the connection to so many modern disease like obesity, depression, eczema and diabetes.

Why smoothies are better than juices. It’s about that fibre! (Nutrition Facts)

I really want this amazing summer dress. Y’know, for when summer finally arrives in London. (Finery)

How to poach an egg, including an Australian version. I need to learn this skill this summer! (Bon Appetit)

How restaurants ‘trick’ you into drinking more wine. (Science of Us)

Stories I loved this week.


Another week goes by and it’s another week that I’m closer to finishing my second year of my nutrition degree. I had my final practical assessments last week, which were nerve wracking and amazing at the same time and my final year exam is on 9th July. Which means that I had better get cracking on the studying!

That’s one of the benefits of the weather not being so great right now in London. I’m not stuck inside poring over books, while everyone is enjoying the sun. Schadenfreude, I know. Once the exams are done, next up is to book another holiday to have something to look forward to. We’re thinking Corsica or Sardinia for somewhere different. Have you been to either?

How Brexit might affect women in Britain.  (Refinery 29 UK)

Speaking of Brexit and BrIN (!), are you registered to vote?  (Gov.UK)

Better ways to use your food processor. (Bon Appetit)

The definitive guide to adaptogens – herbs that protect your body from stress and fatigue. (Well + Good)

Time goes, no matter what you do. I’m covetous of the time I have. I want to make sure I use it more wisely.” A great piece on how we have more time than we think. (New York Times)

Weight loss is a long term process – patience is key. (Greatist)

A great summary of all the things you need to know about poop. (The Science of Us)

A great guide to high heat cooking processes. (goop)

Stories I loved this week. 


We’re off on holiday this week and it is long planned and very well deserved. We haven’t been away since our trip to Toronto last year and I’ve been yearning for some time away from London and an escape into another culture.

I expect to come back happy, refresh, recharged and ready to take on my last assignment and exam for year 2 of my nutrition studies. I’m excited for the break!

14 wellness tips these women learned from their moms. #6 is so me – drink more water! (Well + Good)

Me at any kind of food market. (The Onion)

I really like Darya’s take on the Biggest Loser weight loss study that came out a few weeks ago. In a nutshell, weight loss can be sustainable if you do it in a mindful way. (Summer Tomato)

Changing careers in your 30s – something I’m currently in the process of doing. It’s exciting, nerve wracking and incredibly adventurous, all at the same time. (Oh Joy!)

Why you can’t lose weight on a diet. (New York Times)

A fascinating piece of food trend research from Google. No surprise that searches for ‘functional food’ like bone broth and turmeric are rising.

Photo by Fre Sonneveld