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Stories I loved this week.

It’s amazing how a little sun and some extra sleep can really lift your mood. For the past two weeks, I’ve been going to bed between 9:30 and 10:30pm every night. Not intentionally, mind. Purely as a by-product of not being able to keep my eyes open after we put J to bed, then I attempt to have a bit of chat with my husband and do some course work.

This has happily coincided with J starting to sleep more regularly through the night, so M and I are feeling more refreshed and frankly more human. It’s only taken 2.5 years, but it’s so exciting to have a child that finally sleeping through!

Lil’ Kim and the unbearable whiteness of being. (The Conversation)

How will women manage their periods in the future? Great question – it feels as though we sleepwalk our way into menstrual hygiene choices. (Refinery29)

A fascinating profile on the Bouvier sisters – Lee Radziwill and Jackie Kennedy. (Vanity Fair)

How I longed for a better breast pump when I was breastfeeding my son. The sound of the Medela and doing 3am pumping sessions still haunts me. For all my future breastfeeding sisters, I look forward to seeing what the breast pump of the future looks like. (New York Times)

This is such a great piece about the social pressures on boys. “If we can free men from their belief that a real man is tough, competitive and unemotional, then we can create happier men – and better partners, friends, colleagues and fathers.” (The Pool)

I used to love watching the Biggest Loser, but was always incredulous at how they managed to not only lose weight so quickly, but whether the contestants really had the nutritional and fitness foundations to maintain the weight loss. It turns out that they didn’t and this type of weight loss really messes with the body’s metabolism. (New York Times)

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Stories I loved this week.


The news of Prince’s death hit me like a tonne of bricks. It’s hard to describe how much his music has been a part of the key moments of my life. I Would Die 4 U helped me recover from a major emotional blow, Purple Rain, Diamond and Pearls, Cream, Little Red Corvette and so many others were the soundtrack of my childhood and teenage years and Sexy MF and Erotic City would always get me onto the dance floor at university. He will be missed.

The 13 most important essays about Prince. (Buzzfeed)

I adore this Questlove / Prince story. (Slate)

I’ve been eyeing up the bikinis here in anticipation of my holiday to Crete in a few weeks. (J. Crew)

Refinery 29 are running a series called ‘Rag Week’, full of insightful pieces on how women experience periods and menopause. This is a great piece from Caryn Franklin on embracing the change of life that is menopause.

Parenting outdoors like Phoebe Buffay runs. Made me chuckle. (Aka Peachie)

I’m going to try this spiced lamb and lentil stew for dinner this week. (Every Last Bite)

Stories I loved this week.

colourful buildings

We’ve had a few warm days in London this week and now I’m itching for summer. London is so great in the summer, with the many parks, rooftop patios and riverside pubs. My husband and I had a day off this week for his birthday and we discovered a fabulous rooftop pub / garden on top of the South Bank Centre. And it was utter bliss to sit in the sun with a book, a glass of wine and a bit of peace. Looking forward to going back with J so he can run around the garden.

The life changing magic of tidying up for new parents. Made me giggle. (The New Yorker)

An interesting first-person view on the body dysmorphia of the men in her life. (Refinery 29)

So cool. This British astronaut is running the London Marathon in space. (CBS News)

Do you have a negative voice inside, with a running pessimistic monologue? I do and it drives me crazy. Here are some good tips on how to quell that voice. (Well + Good)

5 easy ways to overhaul your nutrition. (Elle)

How many workout leggings are too many workout leggings? Not sure what the answer is but I’m obsessed with this pair from Sweaty Betty and want to add them to my collection.

I’ve never understood ‘gingerism‘. In Canada, where I’m from, we call them redheads and it’s generally considered quite unique and interesting to have redhead. (Aeon)

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Stories I loved this week.


I love this photo. We just bought a Chemex (the wooden and glass urn) and it’s seriously revolutionised our coffee making. We can make much smaller amounts and the flavour is just unbelievable. Try it!

One of the saddest things I’ve read in a while. The emotional cost that Filipino nannies pay for moving abroad to earn money. (The New Yorker)

I want to check out UBiome, a service that sequences your microbiome.

The case against skimmed milk is stronger than ever. (Time)

The power of “I don’t know”. (The Pool)

A fascinating long read on how one of the first scientists who raised the alarm on the harm of sugar was discredited by the scientific community. How times have changed! (The Guardian)

Have you heard of trypophobia? (The Conversation)

Sourdough starters – some people think that this is the only way to make bread. Have you tried it? My husband is obsessed. (New York Times)

Speaking of sourdough, Michael Pollan talks about it quite a lot in the Air episode of his new Netflix series, Cooked. Worth watching.

The most recent version of the Good Fish Guide has been released and I’ll be browsing this to figure out which wild fish and seafood are the best to eat.

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Stories I loved this week.


It’s finally spring and there seems to be a real lightness in the air here in London. Maybe it’s the crisp yet sunny days, maybe it’s the promise of warmth and lighter evenings. I know that I’ve been feeling in better spirits recently, though a combination of more sleep, better management of my food intake and more family time. Lots of kisses and cuddles from a bub can always lighten the spirit.

“Beyoncé doesn’t mention anything about her body, or weight, or pushing herself to her limits – instead she talks how running makes her feel, and what it has done for her mind.” I love this analysis of the video launching Beyonce’s new fitness range, Ivy Park. (The Pool)

How to choose the best produce. (Vox)

A fascinating piece on India’s menstrual product market and the taboos that still exists around menstruation in this country. (Broadly)

I put collagen into my morning smoothie and it’s nice to see more evidence of its benefits to the skin. Beauty really does start from the inside out. (Well + Good)

I’m trying out this chicken cacciatore recipe for a dinner party tomorrow night. (New York Times)

How not to lose yourself in motherhood. Lots of good advice here. It takes time and for me, it’s important to remember that mother is just one part of my identity. (Mother Mag)

We’re more honest with our phones than with our doctors. (New York Times)

What you don’t know about depression. (Kelly Brogan MD)

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Stories I loved this week.

rain on my window

After having my nose deep in my text books for the last three weeks, with assignments and exam studying, I have now returned to the land of the living. It makes me laugh, thinking about how I used to cram at the last minute at university and complain about how little time I had! Ha!

The biggest lesson for me is that it can be done, with a lot of help and a lot of discipline and focus. Now, I’m giving myself the week off from studying, then I start my assignment, a study into a specific dietary model. Onwards and upwards!

Having spent the last three weeks studying like crazy on very little sleep,  I can see how lack of sleep can bring on the ‘munchies’. (The Guardian)

Have you seen Dr. Sandra Lee’s pimple popper videos? They’re incredibly gross, compelling viewing and getting mainstream coverage. (NYMag)

Three persistent insidious health myths. (The Chalkboard)

Can you teach yourself to like new food? This formerly picky writer gives it a try. (The Science of Us)

Microbial resistance is a growing problem. How can we be smarter about how we use antibiotics? (Chris Kresser)

I’ve always hated baby talk and never speak that way with my son. Apparently speaking to your kids in a ‘normal’ way can help grow their vocabulary. Makes sense. (Cup of Jo)

How not to get old and tired. Harsh title, interesting content. (goop)

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Stories I loved this week.


It’s nearly Mother’s Day here in the UK and my two guys took me for a lovely brunch this morning – it’s a week early, I know, but I’ll be in clinics all next weekend, so it’s nice to have an early treat!

Are you excited about the new season of House of Cards? I am. Have you been curious about Kevin Spacey’s Southern accent in the series? Here’s an explainer. (Vox)

What it’s like to work in Hollywood, if you’re not a straight, white man. (New York Times)

This is why you poop so often during your period. (Self)

A good reminder for those really trying parenting moments – how to avoid bribes and threats. (Mother)

It’s interesting to see much umami features in so many culture’s palates, yet seems to be very slowly growing as a taste in the UK. I’d personally love to see more fermented foods in major supermarkets. (The Spectator)

I really love what LocoL stands for and hope it’s a success. (The Guardian)

In light of the current meningitis B national conversation in the UK, here’s a fascinating (and highly rationale) perspective on parents who choose not to vaccinate or follow the recommended vaccine schedule. It’s not as anti-science as you’d expect. (Aeon)

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Stories I loved this week.


How’s your week been? I just handed in my second assignment and once I found the time to get down to it, it was really interesting. We had to do an analysis of food diaries – our own, the average Western diet and a Western diet with naturopathic adjustments. It was eye opening to see how low in antioxidants and phytonutrients the average Western diet really is! With that assignment out of the way, next up is some proper studying for my semester one exam in mid-March.

I’d like to try this zero-waste restaurant in Notting Hill. I love that they donate all excess fruit and veg to food banks. (Protein)

More women are choosing ‘curvy’ career paths and I salute them. (The Pool)

A great first-hand look at why different diets work for different people. Call me a broken record, but there really is no one sized fits all solution in nutrition. (Verily)

How are you protecting yourself from environmental toxins? (Chris Kresser)

Great coconut oil beauty hacks. (Self)

Why poor children can’t be picky eaters. (New York Times)

An eye opening look into the world of Tumblr teens and how they make their money. (New Republic)

Have you tried rebounding? I really want to figure out a way to fit a small rebounder into my flat. (goop)

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Stories I loved this week.

woman and dog

Little J has been sick for most of the week and it has really wiped me out. The interrupted sleep and crying has been challenging, but just in time for the weekend, he is recovering, so I get to spend the next two days doing a bit of recovery too. And lots of cooking. Soups, stews and a beef rendang are on the menu.

Apparently souping is the new juicing. (New York Times)

Do you use organic tampons or a menstrual cup like the Mooncup? Here’s more evidence on why you should make the switch from standard bleached tampons. (goop)

10 reasons to eat more collagen. I like to add collagen powder to my morning smoothie. (Mark’s Daily Apple)

A physical and emotional answer to the question – ‘where do food cravings come from?’ (Frame)

How to relearn the art of eating. (Guardian)

How bad is it when you hold in your poop? (Greatist)

This is fascinating stuff. A signal from gravitational waves has been discovered emanating from the collision and merger of two massive black holes over a billion light-years away. (New York Times)

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Stories I loved this week. 

stories i loved this week.

Another week has gone by and here we are in February. My little guy has a terrible cold, so sleep has been a bit broken and a bit more coffee and concealer has been needed!  But I keep going, especially since I have a full weekend of clinics and observing patients.  Enjoy your weekend!

Do you talk to strangers? I loved the comments about ‘Britishing it out’. (The Pool)

In praise of bland food. (Rachel Laudan)

A fascinating report from the UK Food Foundation that shows how the odds are stacked against eating a nutritious diet in the UK. (Food Foundation)

The smoking ban has reduced harms from passive smoking. Hurrah – I absolutely hate smoking. (Buzzfeed)

Pret-a-Manger is going to start trialling bone broth in some of its UK stores. And they’re using the bones of grass-fed cattle! (Well To Do)

This feels like a look into my mind. (Stylist)

How to use your food waste. (The Guardian)

What top chefs pack their kids for lunch. (Bon Appetit)

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Stories I loved this week.


Happy weekend!

I am so thankful to have the next two days to rest, relax, exercise and spent time with my guys. It’s been a hectic few weeks with two weekends in a row of all day lectures, on top of settling into a new contract.

No complaints though – I signed up for this. My meditation right now is, “enjoy the process”. Sometimes, we’re so quick to want to get to the end, that we forget to enjoy all the stuff that comes in between.

So that’s me right now. Enjoying the process of becoming a naturopath, enjoying the evolution of mothering a baby to now mothering a rapidly growing little boy and enjoying the growth of my marriage.

More proof that you can’t out exercise poor nutrition. (The Telegraph)

Psychology and mindset play a much bigger role in nutrition and eating than they’re given credit for. (aeon)

One of the biggest benefits of working remotely when you have older children. Something to keep in mind as J gets older. (Signal v. Noise)

Do you dry brush? I’ve just started and I’m hoping for some good results. Anything to support lymphatic drainage (and get rid of cellulite!). (goop)

I absolutely love this photo essay. It’s amazing to see how hugely the level of fresh food varies by country. How much fresh produce is in your weekly shop? (Food Matters)

One person can eat white bread and have no blood sugar spikes, whereas with another person, the same food can cause massive blood sugar spikes. Nutrition is SO individual and this incredible study gives more evidence of this. (BBC)

Knowledge of the importance of good gut bacteria and the gut microbiome is becoming more mainstream, which is so important. It’s fascinating to see research on how Western diets (read: high in refined sugar and refined processed carbohydrates) can damage gut microbiota over generations. (LA Times)

Confessions of a Paleo diet pioneer. (WSJ)

Stories I loved this week.


Winter has officially arrived in London. It’s been really cold here this week, so we’ve had to pull out our parkas and toques and snuggle down. I like it.

Our food is either nutritious or not. We are healthy or we are not. If we eat nutritious food, we may enhance what health we possess. (Washington Post)

Great workout motivation tips. (Buzzfeed)

Have you ever had a ‘toxic’ friendship? I have, and even though it was painful to end it (the grief almost felt like a death), once I processed it all, the relief was palpable. (Verily)

Eight dangerous signs you’re a freezer hoarder. (The Telegraph)

Lots of conversation happening in the UK about parenting and parenting classes. This article talks about needing to teach parents how babies develop, not how to be parents. (The Conversation)

Are picky eaters the new normal? Thinking beyond gluten-free and dairy-free, this opinion piece talks about people who refuse ‘strong’ tasting food. (The Guardian)

B vitamins are important and most people don’t get enough of them. Green leafy veg like kale are great sources of B9 (folate) and red meat is a great source of B12, as it’s not present in non-animal sources. (goop)

Stories I loved this week.


Sometimes it’s important to get a reminder to be gentle with yourself. I got a big one this week when my new job finally kicked into gear and I came home each day very tired with only enough energy to eat, hang out with my husband and son and zone out with my laptop in front of the TV. No studying and no blogging was done this week. I felt guilty about it, especially since one of my goals was to be more intentional about blogging and about my leisure time this year. The guilt was counterproductive, so I had to say f*ck it and give myself a break. It’s exhausting feeling guilty about things, isn’t it? Such a waste of energy. Incidentally, have you read the book, F**k it therapy? It’s supposed to be very good.

Some simple but good tips for avoiding parental burnout. ‘Me time’ is essential and I often stay up a bit later so I feel like I have time for myself. Now that I’m working again, I do everything possible to take my full hour’s lunch break, to sit, eat, read a book and take a beat. (Mother)

Have you ever read the Michael Pollan essay that kick started it all? Well worth your time. (The New York Times)

Such a great piece on changing the way we think about food. In Anglo-Saxon culture, there seems to be so much unnecessary guilt around food – bad food, dirty food, guilty pleasures we can’t seem to just let ourselves enjoy a piece of cake and then move on. (goop)

As someone with a very strong sense of smell, I’ve always found it fascinating how much I use this sense to guide some of my decisions. Now I know a bit more about why. (aeon)

I love sparkling water, but have had this nagging feeling for awhile that it’s not good for me. Turns out, it’s perfectly safe. (BBC)

Finally. Why I’m always so, so, so, so hungry around my period. (Greatist)


Working in the advertising industry, this isn’t surprising at all. You do eat with your eyes, after all. (The Guardian)

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Stories I loved this week.

night sky

It’s 2016! How are you feeling about the new year so far? I’m going into it feeling refreshed, healthy and optimistic. I start a new contract on Tuesday, so it’s going to be interesting going back into the world of work after two months off. Weirdly, I drink more coffee when I’m not working, than when I am. Probably something to do with my work day routines. I love being in a routine, so I’m looking forward to that.

A few little things to do to make the new year better. (The Guardian)

Would you ‘Kon-Mari’ your kitchen? We’ve been doing a bit of a kitchen reorganisation this week and because the clutter was so frustrating, we went the whole nine yards and ‘Kon-Mari’d the whole thing. (Verily)

A sensible guide to exercise, when you hate exercising. (Thrillist)

It turns out that Tuesday at 6:30PM is the busiest time in at the gym in January, so if fitness is one of your New Year’s intentions, then mornings are probably a better time to go! (Brit + Co)

Some really nice lifestyle tweaks for better nutrition. (Self)

A really nice Q&A with Gretchen Rubin on habits. There really is no one-sized fits all solution for this. (goop)

2015 was the year that I became strong enough to graduate from knee push-ups to full push-ups and 2016 is going to be the year I can do a pull-up. Even one would be brilliant. (Greatist)

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Stories I loved this week.


It’s Boxing Day! Are you out braving the sales or are you at home with friends and family eating bubble and squeak and relaxing? We’re headed to my in-laws today for more turkey and Christmas pudding and very excited toddlers running around.

Then it’s a full week off with family time in London, full of day trips, walking and fun. I’m excited.  I’m always amazed at how many steps I manage to tot up just running around London with my two guys, especially since little J wants to walk everywhere now – those little legs can move. Bonus: he polishes off everything we put in front of him for dinner and sleeps very, very deeply on those evenings.

Reading this article on Raffi brought back so many memories. I’ve introduced his music to my son and he loves it too! (NY Mag)

I really feel for the parents of these children with extreme allergies. (The Guardian)

Have you heard Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast yet? I’ve just started listening to it and am really enjoying the insights on how to boost creativity. (Magic Lessons)

Use the Christmas break to work on your sleep habits and hygiene, not catch up on your sleep. (The Pool)

The top wellness trends of 2015. The trend for seaweed is a good one, but slightly worrying as some types of seaweed, including kelp specifically, contain high levels of iodine, which can have a negative effect on thyroid function. (Well + Good)

Have you read the Time profile on Adele yet? (Time)