What’s your morning routine?

What are your mornings like? Are they chaotic and rushed? Calm and serene? Or a mix of the two? I often read articles where they talk about calm and easy morning routines with a mixture of awe and envy, and think these women are either […]

Motherhood right now.

My little boy turns 3 in two weeks. 3! I know what motherhood is with a baby. It’s a steep learning curve, moments where you’ve never loved anyone this much and in this way before, indescribable exhaustion, a new sense of self as a woman, […]

Mother of a boy.

Photo by Linh Nguyen My son recently turned two. It’s a lovely age. He’s constantly on the move and has something to say about everything he does or sees. I get such joy from being his mother. With this joy comes worry. I worry a lot […]

There’s no such thing as balance.

Photo by Nelly Volkovich It’s that age-old bloggers lament – “I haven’t posted in ages!” And there are a million excuses that you can give, but the reality is that sometimes, especially if you’re not yet making a living out of it, something has to […]

Establishing good nutritional habits in babies and toddlers.

Photo by David Di Veroli A recent study highlighted the divide between socioeconomic classes and what they feed their kids and that differences in dietary habits start early. I would like to say that I find this surprising, but I don’t at all. Good nutrition […]

Fitting in workouts with a baby

Photo by David Marcu I have a soon to be one year old son who still doesn’t really nap at home, no family near by and a husband that works long hours. I also really want to workout. How do I fit it in? It’s […]

Keeping focused, not getting discouraged.

Photo by Chris Lu I’ve lost all of my baby weight and now I’m trying to lose the weight that I was trying to lose before I got pregnant. When I look at the bigger picture, I’m happy, I’m excited and I know I’m on […]

Getting strong again.

Before I got pregnant, I was in a nice groove of eating primally, working out with my kettlebells 4-5 times a week and doing a lot of walking. When I got pregnant, I had the best intentions, especially about working out. And for the first […]

The big lightbulb moment.

Photo by Marta Serrano I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people that reads cookbooks, nutrition books and exercise books in bed. Salivating over new recipe ideas, learning more about the human body and how food affects it, boning up on new exercise techniques – […]