My Story

Life with anxiety.

I’ve written a bit about anxiety on the blog before, but never really told my own story. Since it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, here in the UK, it’s time for me to share. I recently ‘outed’ myself in a consultation with a friend at nutrition […]

Motherhood right now.

My little boy turns 3 in two weeks. 3! I know what motherhood is with a baby. It’s a steep learning curve, moments where you’ve never loved anyone this much and in this way before, indescribable exhaustion, a new sense of self as a woman, […]

End of (school) year reflections.

I’ve reached the end of my second year of my nutrition studies and I’ve had a few weeks to pause and take stock of the past year. It’s been a really full on time, between working, studying, being a mother and wife and having a semblance […]

On becoming a naturopath.

Nutrition is complicated, eating is easy. Food is medicine. Moderation. Keep it real. Just eat real food. There are so many different messages about health, wellness and nutrition out there. What should you believe? Who is right? And if you have kids, how should you […]

Changing ambition.

  Photo by Tyssul Patel The lovely Katie over at beNourishd included a very intriguing opinion piece about women’s ambition in her weekly link round up that really got me thinking. Emma Barnett, the women’s editor at the Telegraph posits that “women are losing custody of […]

Self-perception vs. reality.

Photo by Elena Berridy Is there ever a point where you ever feel 100% comfortable with yourself, a point where your self-perception changes to fit reality, in a good way? A bit of backstory: I was a happy, athletic child who was hit hard by […]

Food rules. 

Photo by Julia Caesar It seems that most people these days have rules that they use to help them navigate their day to day food choices. No wheat. No eating after 8pm. No wine during the week. The busier our lives get, the more these […]

I Tried It: Oil Pulling

Photo by Thomas Lefebvre I’m a huge fan of natural health and beauty products and really try to stick by the adage, ‘if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin’. This past February, my Nutrition lecturer mentioned oil pulling and alternative dental hygiene […]

There’s no such thing as balance.

Photo by Nelly Volkovich It’s that age-old bloggers lament – “I haven’t posted in ages!” And there are a million excuses that you can give, but the reality is that sometimes, especially if you’re not yet making a living out of it, something has to […]

Changing my eating habits.

After reading Amelia Freer’s wonderful book, Eat. Nourish. Glow, I resolved to stop snacking and to make sure I was eating enough food at my main meals. And guess what? It’s working!   Once I made sure to eat enough at each meal, it was […]

No More Snacking.

I recently picked up a copy of Amelia Freer’s Eat. Nourish. Glow. after seeing some great recommendations on Instagram. And I was not disappointed! Amelia’s recommendations are sensible and sound and generally follow a real food / primal / paleo slant, although she is careful […]

I’m a student again!

Photo by inbal marilli My nutrition course has started and boy, is it going to be a good one! I’ve signed up for a three year course of nutrition study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine in central London and I’m on the other side […]

Starting my #whole30

Photo by Shane Perry Today’s the big day. Today, I commit to cleaning up my diet and to spending 30 days eating clean. Not eating wheat or sugar is not a big deal for me, but no dairy and no alcohol? Mon dieu! But it’s […]

My slippery slope foods.

Photo by Padurariu Alexandru The process of cleaning up my diet has forced me to take a hard look at what I eat on a daily basis, but most of all, my slippery slope foods. You know, the foods that send you into a spiral […]

The big lightbulb moment.

Photo by Marta Serrano I’ll admit it. I’m one of those people that reads cookbooks, nutrition books and exercise books in bed. Salivating over new recipe ideas, learning more about the human body and how food affects it, boning up on new exercise techniques – […]