Getting natural with makeup, skincare and homecare. 

Photo by Anna Sastre A few of my girlfriends have been chatting over email this week about natural beauty and cleaning products. As I was adding my two cents into the mix, I realised that over the past two years, I have completely overhauled my beauty […]

Starting my #whole30

Photo by Shane Perry Today’s the big day. Today, I commit to cleaning up my diet and to spending 30 days eating clean. Not eating wheat or sugar is not a big deal for me, but no dairy and no alcohol? Mon dieu! But it’s […]

Fitting in workouts with a baby

Photo by David Marcu I have a soon to be one year old son who still doesn’t really nap at home, no family near by and a husband that works long hours. I also really want to workout. How do I fit it in? It’s […]

Keeping focused, not getting discouraged.

Photo by Chris Lu I’ve lost all of my baby weight and now I’m trying to lose the weight that I was trying to lose before I got pregnant. When I look at the bigger picture, I’m happy, I’m excited and I know I’m on […]

Getting strong again.

Before I got pregnant, I was in a nice groove of eating primally, working out with my kettlebells 4-5 times a week and doing a lot of walking. When I got pregnant, I had the best intentions, especially about working out. And for the first […]