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Giving up fruit.

Photo by Brian Jimenez

I am an utter fruit addict. I admit it. And it’s time for me to sort out my relationship with fruit.

I’ve decided to carry on with the Whole30 I started on 1st January because I believe that fruit became a real crutch for me, especially in moments of stress and stopped me from being as successful as I wanted to be in my Whole30. But I suppose that’s one of the points of a Whole30 – to help identify trouble spots with food. My trouble spot is fruit and specifically, mangos (fresh and dried) and green grapes. I have no off switch with either of them, I’ve realised.

Is anyone else like this? I don’t really crave sugar, i.e. the sucrose in chocolate or candy, but fructose, the sugar in fruit is a huge problem for me. Basically, mango and green grapes are my kryptonite!

So I’m carrying on my Whole30 until Valentine’s Day to get my relationship with fruit under control. Clearly, moderation doesn’t work for me and I admire people that can eat a few grapes or a tangerine and be done with it. Not me! So watch this space and I’ll let you know how I get on!

What Nakd bars can I eat on the Whole30?

I love Nakd bars. They’re an amazing snack and totally Whole30 compliant. Or are they?


I was inspired by a post I saw on Instagram a few weeks ago where someone made a lovely visual of all the Whole30 compliant and not compliant Larabars.


We don’t have Larabars in the UK, but we have Nakd bars! So here is your list of all the Whole30 compliant Nakd bars, perfect if you’re in a jam!


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Starting my #whole30

Photo by Shane Perry

Today’s the big day.

Today, I commit to cleaning up my diet and to spending 30 days eating clean. Not eating wheat or sugar is not a big deal for me, but no dairy and no alcohol? Mon dieu!

But it’s necessary. I’ve realised that alcohol was becoming a bit of a crutch for me. I was using it a major stress relief – is it normal to spend the day really looking forward to ‘wine time’ in the evening? For me, this new normal was becoming a little scary and too much of a pattern.

So here we are on day 1 of my Whole 30.

Here we go.