period story podcast

Period Story is a podcast where in each episode, I sit down with a guest to talk about their period story, we get behind some of the myths and misconceptions about periods, and so much more.

Each episode features a notable and interesting person talking about their first period, the way they learned about periods and menstrual health, what they know now that they wish they knew back then and everything in between.

Season 6

Episode 55: Coni Longden-Jefferson

Episode 56: Cheryl Woodman 

Episode 57: Sateria Venable

Episode 58: Abby Epstein

Episode 59: Elle Linton

Episode 60: Lucy Lettice

Episode 61: Fay Reid

Episode 62: Katie Taylor

Episode 63: Tinuke Awe

Episode 64: Molly Broache

Episode 65: Claire Baker


Season 5

Episode 47: Erin Holt

Episode 48: Dr. Tosin Ajayi-Sotubo

Episode 49: Cherie Hoeger

Episode 50: Natasha Richardson

Episode 51: MaryEllen Reider

Episode 52: Julie McClure

Episode 53: Rachel Burgess

Episode 54: Kerrie-Anne Bradley


Season 4

Episode 36: Alice Rose

Episode 37: Lee Nguni

Episode 38: Dr Dani Gordon

Episode 39: Jen Wright

Episode 40: Professor Joyce Harper

Episode 41: Emma Mainoo

Episode 42: Arianna Radji-Lee

Episode 43: Jenn Pike 

Episode 44: Nicola Rae-Wickham

Episode 45: Melissa Ramos

Episode 46: Lola Ross



Season 3

Episode 24: Sarah Greenidge

Episode 25: Jasmin Thomas

Episode 26: Allysa Rochelle

Episode 27: Leeanne Young

Episode 28: Natalie Costa

Episode 29: Sabi Kerr

Episode 30: Trisha Barker

Episode 31: Maria Purcell

Episode 32: Mika Simmons

Episode 33: Kaysha Thomas

Episode 34: Camilla Hansson

Episode 35: Lauren Lee-Crane and Catherine Lee


Season 2

Episode 11: Angelica Malin

Episode 12: Toral Shah

Episode 13: Jasmin Harsono

Episode 14: Molly Fenton

Episode 15: Shiona Redmond

Episode 16: Lina Chan

Episode 17: Zachi Brewster

Episode 18: Mandy Manners

Episode 19: Amy Peake

Episode 20: Estelle Bingham

Episode 21: Katy Lindemann

Episode 22: Elaine dela Cruz

Episode 23: Valentina Milanova


Season 1

Episode 1: Ateh Jewel

Episode 2: Fiona Grayson

Episode 3: Sharon Walters

Episode 4: Deborah Campbell

Episode 5: Tamu Thomas

Episode 6: Esther Zimmer

Episode 7: Karen Arthur

Episode 8: Kat Horrocks

Episode 9: Susan Sheehan

Episode 10: Lauren Derrett