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Stories I loved this week.

  Want a more innovative company? Hire more women. (TED)   I loved reading this history of the chopped salad. (Bon Appetit)   Broccoli helps promote a healthy gut. (Science Daily)   Stop telling women their pain is normal. It should be treated. (The Guardian) […]

Stories I loved this week.

How has your week been? I’ve been in training most of the week and all of Saturday, so I’m looking forward to some down time on Sunday. Here are some of the interesting health and wellness stories I’ve found this week.   Are you an […]

Stories I loved this week.

palm trees in menorca

After a long hiatus, I’m bringing back this weekly round up of things I’ve loved around the internet. There’s so much good stuff out there right now that I’m itching to share.

Do you put together a weekly budget for your family? I love this food budget diary series, mainly because it’s a great sneak peek into what people eat. (The Kitchn)

How to jazz up your scrambled eggs. Yum. (Bon Appétit)

Chromium is an incredible, underrated mineral. If you have big sugar cravings (especially in the late afternoon!), this is one to check out. (Well+Good)

I talk a lot about serotonin – it’s such a powerful happy hormone that we can boost through food and lifestyles. These are some great tips to keep your serotonin levels up. (Mark’s Daily Apple)

Have you been watching ‘Doctor in the House’ on the BBC? Personally, I love the approach on this show – a GP with a functional medicine approach spends two months working with individual patients to get to the root cause of what’s ailing them. The cases so far have been fascinating – definitely worth a watch. (BBC iPlayer)

And speaking of Dr. Chatterjee, the GP featured on Doctor in the House, he’s written a fantastic blog post about how diet can improve symptoms of depression. He says: “the nutrients you put in your mouth have a severe impact on your brain.” Wise words.

How to raise a feminist son. (New York Times)

Mindful eating can help weight loss. (The Guardian)

Stories I loved this week.

  How’s your week been? We’re planning a fun weekend, mainly geared towards pre-birthday celebrations for J. He’s turning three (3!) and I think we’re more excited than he is. We’ve got a trip to Whipsnade planned for Saturday and then a trip to see […]

Stories I loved this week.

I love this photo. We just bought a Chemex (the wooden and glass urn) and it’s seriously revolutionised our coffee making. We can make much smaller amounts and the flavour is just unbelievable. Try it! One of the saddest things I’ve read in a while. […]

Stories I loved this week.


 Photo by Roman Kraft 

And just like that, the summer’s over, autumn is here and I’m back to the books for year 2 of my Nutrition studies. I can’t wait to dive deeper into vitamins, minerals and micronutrients amongst many, many other topics as I build up the knowledge and expertise to start my own practice. 

Feminism is for little boys too. Great points about the early conditioning of boys: “as the parent of young children I see the small ways the conditioning of boys starts. The sludge-coloured clothes in rough fabrics (WTF is the deal with baby denim and those tiny “occasion” suits??) or t-shirts covered in aggressive slogans and imagery.” (The Pool)

Given the increased danger of growing microbial resistance to antibiotics, this is a fascinating article on using fecal transplants to rebuild gut flora. (New York Times)

35 meatless Paleo recipes. (Well + Good)

Loved Jennifer Lawrence’s essay on her experiences with Hollywood wage gap. (Lenny)

Great interview with Rhian, the inspiring CEO of Psycle. (Psycle)

Stories I loved this week.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor O Canada! We’re here! Everyone is so polite and it surprises me every time I visit. Not just polite in an obligatory sense, but in a genuinely interested way. I miss that. We’re here in Toronto for the week and it’s been […]

Mother of a boy.

Photo by Linh Nguyen My son recently turned two. It’s a lovely age. He’s constantly on the move and has something to say about everything he does or sees. I get such joy from being his mother. With this joy comes worry. I worry a lot […]

Stories I loved this week.


Photo by Denin Williams

I cannot believe it’s September already. The summer officially started for me at the end of June when I finished by my last exam, and with all the travel and family activities I’ve been doing, these past two months have really flown by. I was in Abu Dhabi this week for work and we’re off on a much needed family holiday to Formentera tomorrow. I really can’t wait. I’ll be trying not to overpost all of our lovely meals and beach trips on Instagram.

Like many, I’ve been trying to find ways to help the refugees coming in from Africa and the Middle East. (Elle)

Have you heard of ‘tone-policing’? I hadn’t until I read this defense of Nicki Minaj. (The Atlantic)

An argument-free marriage? Not something I’ll be signing up for any time soon. I completely believe in the cathartic qualities of a good argument. (The Pool)

How to eat carbs like a sane person. Otherwise known as listening to your body and eating real food in a way that works for YOU. (Summer Tomato)

Reading about the American battle against GMOs makes me really glad that I live in the UK, where they are banned. (goop)

Such a great piece about going through cancer treatment deliberately and with faith. (New York Times)

Stories I loved this week.

Photo by Florian Klauer It’s the end of another week and I’m inching closer to my holiday in Formentera. I really can’t wait. I’ve been devouring everything I can about this island (these Conde Nast guides are quite good) and I’m so looking forward to swimming […]