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Stories I loved this week.

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Happy weekend! Here’s a round up of a few of the nutrition stories I’ve found interesting this week.

The microbiome is so fascinating. Did you know that every unbalanced microbiome is unbalanced in its own way? This is why a one sized fits all approach doesn’t make sense when working with the microbiome. (The Atlantic)

Another reason why breast milk is so powerful. (Futurity)

What do you do when you have anxiety and your partner doesn’t? (The Cut)

Food marketing works – the easiest way to get people to eat more vegetables to reframe the dish into something more appealing, like ‘creamy sizzling beets’. A good tip to help people eat more vegetables. (Time)

This is an incredible buy if you own a cast iron pan. (Bon Appetit)

Meal planning and batch cooking is the only way to make sure you eat nutritious meals during busy weekdays. (The Kitchn)

A great piece by an omnivore using butchery to reconcile the dilemmas they feel about eating meat. (Aeon)


Stories I loved this week.

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We’re squeezing the last bits out of summer and starting to think about school. I can’t believe my little boy is about to go into his first year of school. I predict quite a few tears on his first day! I’d love a few tips from moms who’ve done this before.

In other news, I just received my diploma, so I’m officially a nutritional therapist. Now that I’m about to launch my own practice, I’ve been gravitating towards anything about how to launch a business and how to market myself. I would love to see any tips you’ve found useful!

I love kombucha so much and was fascinated to read this secret history of my favourite beverage. (Food52)

Is wellness an epidemic or is it that people don’t feel good and are starting to care more about what they put in and on their bodies? (The Cut)

I’m on day 4 of this 30 days of Yoga challenge and really enjoying it. I’ve been gravitating towards more calming exercise recently, so the yoga has been great to add in with my daily walks. (YouTube)

And it’s a good job yoga is a form of resistance training, because this form of exercise (over cardio) is ridiculously good for you. (Time)

Frequent use of multivitamin & mineral supplements is effective in increasing micronutrient intakes, decreasing prevalence of most nutrient inadequacies, and decreasing risk of deficiencies of vitamins B6, B12, C, and D in the U.S. adult population. In other words, taking supplements is not just a way to have expensive urine. They can help prevent nutrient shortfalls resulting from modern lifestyles and food choices.” (Nutrients)

I’m a fan of conscious meat eating – knowing the provenance of your meat and what it’s been fed. The most sustainable option is much smaller quantities of higher-quality, mainly grass-fed meat, along with less dairy, more fruit and vegetables, and less processed food. (The Guardian)

Wellness, I came to realize, will not happen by accident. It must be a daily practice, especially for those of us who are more susceptible to the oppressiveness of the world. I began to understand why she described the practice of self-care as a means of political warfare, how even getting more rest or drinking more water could be viewed as an act of defiance—radical, even.” (Healthyish)

Did you know that there’s a connection between gut health and athletic performance? There are specific bacteria that may help athletes recover from a tough workout faster. I’m intrigued! (Science Daily)

Stories I loved this week.

I’ve had a little hiatus from the blog. Things were getting on top of me and I needed to stop, have a breather and take stock. It’s important to do that once in a while, don’t you think?

We’ve also been on holiday to Mallorca (one of my favourite places on earth!) and although I came back with a cold, I feel mentally rested and ready to start my final year of my Nutrition degree (this weekend!).

Could you be a fruitarian? I personally couldn’t, but it’s interesting to get a peek into how they rationalise their choice. (Broadly)

How much do celebrities spend on fitness? (Well + Good)

How the sugar industry shifted the blame to fat. (NY Times)

Ketchup chips – any good Canuck will love these. (AV Club)

Great exercise rule – try not to skip two days in a row. (Summer Tomato)

I’ve just bought this cookbook and I’m really enjoying working my way through it. The chickpea pancakes on page 92 are great.

Feeding babies peanuts and eggs can reduce their risk of allergies later in life. This is an update to the previous advice that said that parents should wait to introduce allergenic food. Makes sense, especially based on what we know about the immune system and the role gut bacteria play in digesting food. (JAMA)

Stories I loved this week.

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I got my exam results this week and I’m officially out of my funk! Without fully realising it, I’ve been really stressed out about getting my results back and it’s had a knock-on effect on other parts of my life. When I got my mark and saw that I had passed (with flying colours!), it felt like a weight off my shoulders.

And now the weekend’s here and I’m looking forward to pottering about, heading to a few children’s birthday parties with little J (he’s almost 3 and he has a fabulous social life!) and checking out Soho Farmhouse with some friends. Here’s hoping we have some great weather too!

I have been really getting into using my pressure cooker this week and I’m really enjoying going through Nom Nom Paleo’s pressure cooker recipes. The Instant Pot really is a game-changer!

It’s amazing what Olympic / professional athletes eat and utterly unsurprising they gain so much weight in the off-season. (Bon Appetit)

More reasons why breast milk is amazing. There are compounds (human milk oligosaccharides) in it that were previously thought to be indigestible, now known to there specifically to good bacteria in the baby’s gut. So cool. (The New Yorker)

Is your gut making you sick? (The Guardian)

How community supported agriculture is becoming messy in the US. (New York Times)

I really want to try this earl-grey glazed salmon. (Hemsley + Hemsley)

6 things you need to know about marketing yourself as a practitioner. (Dr. Jill Carnahan)

Stories I loved this week.


Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your mojo? You know, that spark, the get-up and go that pushes you forward into new projects and new work. I’m starting to feel like I need to issue a missing person’s report for my mojo. I was hoping that a bit of rest and relaxation after my exam would rejuvenate me, and it has, but my pep has still not returned. Any advice?

I’m hoping that a change of scenery will do the trick and have organised some day trips. Oh and the holiday research has begun again in earnest. There’s nothing like a bit of Mediterranean sun to put things into perspective and bring back the mojo and energy.

I love this day in a life from one of the top researchers and new mum at Google: “It’s almost like somehow I give myself the permission self-consciously to just do the piece that I think is the most important because I know I can’t do it all.” (NY Mag)

10 facts you probably don’t know about sunscreen. I really want to try the Beauty Counter sunscreen – when will they start to sell it in the UK! (Well + Good)

I really want to try some of these ice lolly recipes! (Bon Appetit)

An objective view on ‘clean eating’ and ‘dirty food’ (i.e burgers, kebabs, chicken, etc). (The Guardian)

Baking successfully with alternative flours. The almond flour lemon yoghurt cake looks particularly good. (goop)

Get rid of your back up plan. (The Pool)

8 women talk about how they feel about their post-baby bodies. (The Cut)

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