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Stories I loved this week.

I’m back in student clinic this weekend and I’m really looking forward to getting hands with clients and turning all of my theoretical knowledge into practice. What are you up to this weekend? Yes, there really is something so comforting about great cookery writing. I’m […]

How can we create a better food culture in the UK?

On our trip to Rye, we ventured over to Camber Beach a few times, excited about the prospect of warm late summer days of sand and surf. It definitely felt weird to be on the beach in England (I grew up with summer holidays visiting […]

Stories I loved this week.


footsteps on the beach

How do you keep your spirits up when it feels like you want to give the whole world a time-out, when so much seems to keep going wrong? What do you do to keep the positive energy going in your life?

Switching off and staying away from news sites & social media has become an essential part of my self-care, especially in the last three weeks. I don’t want to shut the world away, but sometimes I want a break from the bad news and bad behaviour. Is that selfish? Is it indulgent? It has become a necessity in order to avoid burnout.

So here’s to the weekend – may yours be full of long baths, cosy moments, good food and spiritual renewal.

A great summary of how to choose your weekly groceries in an ethical way. (NY Mag)

And I’m so in awe of what my body can do – I’m so proud of it.’ Women talk about how they feel about their bodies six weeks after giving birth. (The Pool)

5 tips for taking good food photos on your iPhone. (goop)

It’s fascinating to see the changes in attitudes towards food waste. This Spanish company is growing exponentially just using ‘imperfect’ produce. Inspiring. (The Guardian)

4 foods that can cause hormonal imbalance. Tofu is a big one. Fermented soy is a much better way to get phytoestrogens. (The Chalkboard)

I adore this series: 15 surprising things about parenting in Iceland. (Cup of Jo)

What happens to your body when you switch to an all-organic diet. Fascinating. (Fast Company)

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Stories I loved this week.

The news of Prince’s death hit me like a tonne of bricks. It’s hard to describe how much his music has been a part of the key moments of my life. I Would Die 4 U helped me recover from a major emotional blow, Purple […]

Stories I loved this week.

After having my nose deep in my text books for the last three weeks, with assignments and exam studying, I have now returned to the land of the living. It makes me laugh, thinking about how I used to cram at the last minute at […]

Stories I loved this week.


It’s nearly Mother’s Day here in the UK and my two guys took me for a lovely brunch this morning – it’s a week early, I know, but I’ll be in clinics all next weekend, so it’s nice to have an early treat!

Are you excited about the new season of House of Cards? I am. Have you been curious about Kevin Spacey’s Southern accent in the series? Here’s an explainer. (Vox)

What it’s like to work in Hollywood, if you’re not a straight, white man. (New York Times)

This is why you poop so often during your period. (Self)

A good reminder for those really trying parenting moments – how to avoid bribes and threats. (Mother)

It’s interesting to see much umami features in so many culture’s palates, yet seems to be very slowly growing as a taste in the UK. I’d personally love to see more fermented foods in major supermarkets. (The Spectator)

I really love what LocoL stands for and hope it’s a success. (The Guardian)

In light of the current meningitis B national conversation in the UK, here’s a fascinating (and highly rationale) perspective on parents who choose not to vaccinate or follow the recommended vaccine schedule. It’s not as anti-science as you’d expect. (Aeon)

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Stories I loved this week.

How’s your week been? I just handed in my second assignment and once I found the time to get down to it, it was really interesting. We had to do an analysis of food diaries – our own, the average Western diet and a Western […]

Stories I loved this week.

Sometimes it’s important to get a reminder to be gentle with yourself. I got a big one this week when my new job finally kicked into gear and I came home each day very tired with only enough energy to eat, hang out with my husband […]

Stories I loved this week.


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A great reminder of the importance of the lymph system and some wonderful tips on how to get it moving, as we head into cold and flu season. (The Chalkboard)

Did you know that perfectly healthy and lucid brains can hallucinate? Any mother will tell you that this happens as soon they jump in the shower when their child is napping! (Science of Us)

The stigma of being overweight in China. (Stylist)

A fascinating piece of photojournalism chronicling kids who grow up taking prescription medications. (The Guardian)

Did you read the special edition of Lenny about endometriosis? (Lenny)

What a simple tip for checking the freshness of eggs! Helped me save a lot of eggs this week. (The Kitchn)

I’ll definitely be trying the London versions of these fitness studios. (Elle UK)

Stories I loved this week.

Photo by Chris Liu-Beers The clocks go back this weekend and I for one don’t welcome the darker nights. There’s something quite depressing about leaving work at 6pm to find that it’s already dark. But it’s not all doom and gloom. After all of the […]

Stories I loved this week.

Photo by Jazmin Quaynor O Canada! We’re here! Everyone is so polite and it surprises me every time I visit. Not just polite in an obligatory sense, but in a genuinely interested way. I miss that. We’re here in Toronto for the week and it’s been […]

Stories I loved this week.


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The week after a holiday can be a bit discombobulating, can’t it? Finding your feet after a break, getting back into your routine, making sorely needed changes to your old routine. I decided that I was going to fully enjoy myself while I was away, as I was feeling very run down after my summer of work travel. All the brakes came off and I indulged my heart out. I’ve spent this week getting my nutrition back in order and getting rid of a head cold I picked up at the end of my trip.

It’s not all doom and gloom, because I worked out a lot while I was away (full disclosure: I’m doing Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide workout plan. It skews young, but it’s incredibly effective) and I can feel my strength when I run around with my son and inevitably end up carrying  him (“pick me up, Mama!”) – 13.5kg of squirming child!

Is work making you sick?  Here are some common sense tips to incorporate into your day. (The Guardian)

Great message in this article: “Nutrition is complicated, but eating is not. Spend your energy discovering what works for you and try not to get too caught up in the science.” (Summer Tomato)

Some stress (and adrenaline) is good for us, but not too much stress. (goop)

5 tricks for making a perfect smoothie. (Well + Good)

Saying no to anecdotal parenting. I love this. (Grok Nation)

There’s simply no substitute for physical presence. (New York Times)

You are what your mother ate. Nutrition during pregnancy is so important, but no one’s perfect and sometimes you have to just submit to the cravings! (The Times)

What to do when you’re ‘zit bombed‘. Funnyname, but nice to see the gut – skin – inflammation connection being discussed. (Well + Good)


What I’m reading: Overwhelmed

  My summer of reading continues, with the excellent Overwhelmed by Brigid Schulte. Chock-full of information, research and case studies about gender roles at work, home, love and play, this book, predominantly aimed at women, dissects why so many of us feel so overwhelmed and […]

Stories I loved this week.

Photo by Pineapple How was your week? I spent the first part of the week getting back of the UK swing of things, only to be struck down with food poisoning on Wednesday. Bah humbug. Happily, it wasn’t too bad, I’m back to myself, ready to […]

Stories I loved this week.


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It’s finally the end of the week and by the time you read this, I’ll be in Jakarta (!) on another work shoot. I had my Hepatitis A and typhoid fever jabs last week and have been researching weather, food and local customs to get me prepared for this trip.

I love this perspective from Lauren Laverne on how inequality at home is contributing to women dropping out of work or being ‘underemployed’ so they can try to balance everything they need to do at home with trying to keep their hands and earning enough money to pay the bills. (The Pool)

It seems that communication, similarity and thinking long term are the secrets to a long marriage. (Aeon)

20 ways you’re spinning wrong. (Cosmopolitan)

Why telling kids to dream big is a con. As a parent, this is a fascinating subject – you want to encourage your child, but it seems like to also need to manage expectations a bit. “The shift in expectation has resulted in tremendous anxiety over achieving these goals and, paradoxically, sheer delusion.”  It seems that you should teach self-control and hard work instead. (Aeon)

This woman gave up processed food for a year and after starting at the extreme (grinding her own flour!), she ended up at the most sensible place – eating real, whole food. (Well + Good)

Could you scale down your digital world?  Not a digital detox, but intentionally avoiding certain apps and using your phone and laptop with intention, rather than mindless scrolling. I’m not on Facebook anymore, I don’t use Whatsapp or Snapchat and don’t plan to and am very conscious about how much I use my phone around my son. Children learn by what they see, not what you say and I’m trying really hard to set a good example for him. (Stylist)