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What are the fundamentals of self-care?

I’ve been talking a lot recently about self care: how it’s in my view, not a trend, but a sustainable way to listen to and have respect for your body.   Self care means different things to different people, which is where some of the […]

I Tried It: The 4-7-8 Deep Breathing Method For Better Sleep

Do you ever have nights where your mind is whirring and it’s tricky to drop off to sleep? I do.   I’ve been trying the 4-7-8 deep breathing method to help me get to sleep and it’s been really helpful! Pioneered by Dr Andrew Weil, the […]

6 ways to take care of yourself this weekend.

flowers in autumn

It’s been quite a week, hasn’t it?


The news has been overwhelming recently, with stories of loss, craven abuse of power, sexual misdeeds and stories of utter bravery.


It’s a lot to take in, and for many of us, these stories unearth old memories that we thought we had tucked away.


So be gentle with yourself this weekend.


Here are a few ways to practice self-care and healing.


1. Find an affirmation for the week to that you can say to yourself when you need to be lifted up. This was my affirmation last week.


2. Take a deep breathe (or two or three) and let the week wash away.


3. Get outside and enjoy the autumn foliage.


4. Take an hour or two to plan out and cook some of your meals for the week. Knowing you have a plan to nourish yourself well when things are hectic can take some weight off.


5. Have a good belly laugh. Or have a good cry. They’re both a form of emotional release, which helps.


6. Have a long hug with a loved one.


What’s your self-care routine?

Self-care has become a hot topic these day, as people search for a way to keep grounded in what feels like crazy times.   Self-care, as in the act of taking small moments for yourself, in order to uplift, centre and increase energy, is not […]