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I Tried It: Dry January

Have you ever done a dry January? After a heavy November and December, I decided that I needed to give my body a break and get on the wagon for a month. And what better month than January, when everyone’s skint, partied out and needing […]

Stories I loved this week.

Another week goes by and it’s another week that I’m closer to finishing my second year of my nutrition degree. I had my final practical assessments last week, which were nerve wracking and amazing at the same time and my final year exam is on […]

Stories I loved this week. 


We’re off on holiday this week and it is long planned and very well deserved. We haven’t been away since our trip to Toronto last year and I’ve been yearning for some time away from London and an escape into another culture.

I expect to come back happy, refresh, recharged and ready to take on my last assignment and exam for year 2 of my nutrition studies. I’m excited for the break!

14 wellness tips these women learned from their moms. #6 is so me – drink more water! (Well + Good)

Me at any kind of food market. (The Onion)

I really like Darya’s take on the Biggest Loser weight loss study that came out a few weeks ago. In a nutshell, weight loss can be sustainable if you do it in a mindful way. (Summer Tomato)

Changing careers in your 30s – something I’m currently in the process of doing. It’s exciting, nerve wracking and incredibly adventurous, all at the same time. (Oh Joy!)

Why you can’t lose weight on a diet. (New York Times)

A fascinating piece of food trend research from Google. No surprise that searches for ‘functional food’ like bone broth and turmeric are rising.

Photo by Fre Sonneveld

Stories I loved this week.

It’s amazing how a little sun and some extra sleep can really lift your mood. For the past two weeks, I’ve been going to bed between 9:30 and 10:30pm every night. Not intentionally, mind. Purely as a by-product of not being able to keep my […]

Stories I loved this week.

Photo by Austin Schmid Thursday was my last day at my freelance job and I feel like the person in the picture. Jumping for joy and ready to take on new challenges. I’m looking forward to taking the time to find a new contract, getting a […]

Stories I loved this week.


Jet lag is a killer, isn’t it? We landed from Toronto yesterday morning and despite the common advice to just adjust to the timezone you’re in straightaway, we climbed into bed and didn’t wake up until 3pm. I’ll take dealing with a toddler that’s awake late over dealing with an overtired toddler any day. Now it’s time to get back into the swing of things, avoid the post holiday blues and embrace fall in London. It’s been really nice to see the fall foliage and the beautiful colours emerge. Note to self: buy rain boots for little J!

I’m fascinated by this article. Microaggressions and trigger warnings are such a foreign concept to me and it sounds like they’re becoming more and more prevalent on American campuses. The authors of this article posit that this is a bad thing as these young adults who are pushing for this won’t be able to deal with workplace realities where their feelings won’t especially be taken into consideration. (The Atlantic)

More reminiscing from Bring It On. (Entertainment Weekly)

Ten simple ways to eat less without noticing. (Summer Tomato) 

Stress, pollution, more screen time, less sleep and hormones like antidepressants & birth control make it harder to lose weight than 20 years ago. (CNN)

Fruit and veg help you lose weight, but only the right ones, i.e. those low in sugar. (The Guardian)

It is definitely stressful flying with young children so this story warms my heart. (New York Times)