Personalised Health Programmes

Every person has an approach to nutrition that works best for them. flowers at kew

My mission is for you to feel your healthiest, live your life to the fullest and enjoy each day.I spend time with you, understanding you, your lifestyle and your goals. I design nutrition and lifestyle programmes that are tailored to YOU.

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Packages start from £395


Period Helper
Hormone Helper
Menopause Helper
Are you struggling with painful periods? Do you have PMS in the week before your period?
Do you feel as though your life is dominated by your hormones, with emotional ups and downs, sugar cravings, stress and infertility?
As you go into the third age of womanhood, are you wondering who this woman is with foggy thinking, huge emotional ups and downs, depression and dryness?
This personalised health programme helps you get to grips with your periods and menstrual cycle and enjoy life with no PMS and pain free periods.
This personalised health programme teaches you how to manage your hormones, stress and how food can help bring things back into balance.
This personalised health programme teaches you how to support your hormones, get a sense of balance and start to feel like a new you as you go into perimenopause and menopause.