I cannot recommend Le'Nise enough for nutrition support, particularly in regard to hormonal needs and fluctuations. What I love about her is how much she appreciates the reality of our lives and works with us to create sustainable and nourishing change, rather than using any short-term solutions or fads.

There is no blame or shame, it's all compassion and we had such a laugh too, and instead of saying 'don't eat that / this', she's all about 'how about we add this' which feels totally manageable and encouraging.


Looking at blood work is now also so interesting because the levels that healthcare professionals might accept I now know are often not near our optimum levels.

As someone with endometriosis, adenomyosis and Primary Ovarian Insufficiency, I'm so thrilled I found Le'Nise as she has helped my harmonise my hormones, reclaim my health and appreciate my body, all while eating delicious food.

Thank you!

Emma, London 

Working with Le'Nise has been the best investment into my own health that I have ever made.

I had been struggling for few years with heavy periods, pms symptoms, and had recently stopped taking the pill. However, in 2022 I was fortunate enough to come across her book on Instagram and immediately ordered. The book was so well written and informative that I decided to get in touch with Le'Nise to work with her on a Hormone Health Programme.

During the 3 months working with Le'Nise I felt incredibly supported and heard which is something that had been missing when speaking with my GP. 

Le'Nise has such a brilliant, holistic approach looking at all areas of life and working with my GP to get a complete picture of my health before recommending an action plan that allowed me to adopt new habits that were manageable and accessible for daily life. I now feel so impowered to have knowledge of the things that I can do to improve not only my hormonal health but also improve my general health and wellbeing.

My symptoms have now all reduced most notably I enjoy lighter periods that do not keep me home bound. I also feel more in tune with my cycle and empowered with the knowledge to make changes as and when I need.

If you have something you’d like some help with, I highly recommend working with Le’Nise! 


MD, London 

I was diagnosed with PCOS almost 10 years ago and was given minimal information and went on the coil. After having removed the coil and having irregular cycles and acne I reached out to Le’Nise.

The last 3 months have been invaluable - Le’Nise was a fantastic support, incredibly knowledgable and a real advocate. Her holistic approach helped me to build sustainable changes to diet and lifestyle and her expertise helped me to understand my type of PCOS.

I noticed that my sugar cravings reduced, signs of inflammation like IBS improved and my skin has improved. I have a much better understanding of my body and how I can use nutrition and exercise to manage my symptoms. I would highly recommend Le’Nise - she is fantastic!!

CO, London 

I came to Le'Nise about 1 year post-partum, tired, with irregular painful periods, afraid to pick up exercising again, and feeling a bit lost re: my hormone health.

Le'Nise really listened to me on what I wanted to focus on and how I wanted to work together - it was amazing. She took a holistic approach that connected me to the things I really enjoy doing - like swimming - and before I knew it I was feeling more energetic, more positive, and more than willing to get back into the activities I love, taking on really small changes that made a big difference.

Can't thank her enough for her support and guidance - I got so much more out of the coaching than i thought I would -  highly recommend!

Amy, London

I had been following Le'Nise on Instagram for a while and found her content around menstrual health really interesting and informative.

After suffering with debilitating pain and heavy bleeding every month due to fibroids, and feeling like my concerns were not being taken seriously by my GP, I decided to take matters into my own hands and take a more holistic approach.

Working with Le'Nise helped me make small changes to my diet and lifestyle that made a big difference to my symptoms and wellbeing. Le'Nise was easy to talk to and I felt very comfortable being open about the things I was going through. She listened to my concerns and gave me personalised advice and recommendations which have made my periods more manageable.

I now feel more informed, in control and in tune with my cycle. I would definitely recommend working with Le'Nise. It was well worth the investment.

EF, London

I wanted to work with Le’Nise within a few chapters of reading her book as I found her tone and style of writing comforting and informative. Each time a case study was mentioned or detailed in the book, I found something relatable and realised working directly with Le’Nise could be a game changer for me after years of frustration and enduring painful symptoms associated with my cycle.

After completing her programme of personalised 121 support, I can wholeheartedly recommend engaging with Le’Nise’s work in any capacity. If I thought the book was well written, compassionate and knowledgable, I was blown away by the added touches of professionalism, efficiency and integrity of communication both online and during our zoom sessions.

From the very first session to our last, I came away feeling energised, confident and heard - a feeling that contributed to making lasting effects to my daily routines, way of eating, and taking care of myself as suggested by Le’Nise - I no longer experience 80% of the symptoms that had been disrupting my life experience from my cycle since my teens and feel empowered to understand what changes impact my health and well-being as well as feeling confident advocating for myself with clinicians.

Anne-Marie, London

I’ve absolutely loved working with you. Thank you so much for all your support over these weeks, it’s really made a huge difference.

CC, London

My sister in law recommended Le'Nise after I mentioned that I wanted to help with my energy levels.

I have noticed in my 40s that I'm generally more tired and couldn't work out if it was just 'life' or whether there was something I could do to improve it. It was the best thing I ever did because not only has Le'Nise worked with me to understand how I can get stronger through good nutrition, but also helped me to understand more about the importance of sleep quality, the right vitamins to support my health and also practical help in recommending family cookbooks to re-motivate me with cooking for the kids!

She helped me with meal plans, gave me great suggestions and these small habits have stuck and have made such a difference. There is not a salad that gets past me that doesn't have pumpkin seeds scattered over it now! She has a vast wealth of knowledge in food, nutrition, women's health and I thoroughly enjoyed her easy manner every week that didn't overwhelm me or make me feel that I had to change everything. The time and money spent with Le'Nise has been an investment in mine and my children's health and I wouldn't hesitate to get in touch with her again should I need to.

Chloe, Marlow

I am hoping to conceive this year and wanted to get a head start on preparing my body for conception. My periods were very short and light - which could have led to potential issues. and knew that food was something I needed to address. I was a bit nervous about working with a nutritionist at first but Le’Nise blew me away.

She not only held space for totally judgment-free support but really changed my mindset around fueling my body. The best thing about working with Le’Nise is that she focused on my mental wellbeing as much as the physical, and highlighted the importance of self-care in helping to rebalance my hormones.

I have already seen improvements in my menstrual cycle and energy levels and have learnt things about the relationship between food and my body that I know I will carry with me through conception, pregnancy and beyond! I feel so lucky to have had one to one support from Le’Nise and can’t recommend her highly enough!

CLJ, Brighton

Working with Le'Nise has been the best investment in my health and wellbeing that I have made to date. Le’Nise is incredible at what she does.

I started working with Le’Nise to understand my periods. What I got from the process was more. I became more confident in advocating for myself with medical professionals who didn’t listen to me.

I began to understand and listen to my body. I grew a deep appreciation for my body and how it works.

Through working with Le’Nise I feel better equipped to continue improving my health through a change in diet and perspective. I would throughly recommend working with Le’Nise

Jo, Reading

I had been following Le’Nise on Instagram for a while and loved her positive and informative approach to hormone health. After suffering for years I got in touch to work with Le’Nise and it was such a transformative few months.

Le’Nise is a pleasure to work with, giving great advice that’s easy to incorporate into every day life and I noticed a difference in my periods in the first month. No more pain or suffering and feeling much better in general. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you!

Katie, 38

Since working with Le’Nise, I feel empowered to take charge of my health in a holistic and sustainable way.

Thanks to her practical advice and support, my periods are less painful and heavy, my migraines have disappeared and my skin has a new glow. When symptoms do flare up, I know how to manage them. Best of all, Le’Nise has a non-judgemental and joyful energy that could put anyone at ease!”

Florence, London

I approached Le’Nise after a prolonged period of very irregular cycles and pronounced PMT. I’d tried what I could to alter this but had run out of ideas. Even after our first session, Le’Nise had a plan and loads of suggestions. Suggestions that felt sustainable and life long if I want them to be.

Over the following 12 weeks I started to see significant changes in both my cycle and my body. My cycle became regular again, my PMT symptoms lessened, I was less bloated, I lost some weight and I had more energy than I’d had for a while. I had great faith in Le’Nise’s expertise but I didn’t think implementing her suggestions would have an affect so quickly.

Le’Nise’s approach is wonderfully holistic and takes into account all parts of your life and personality. She gets to know what makes you you before you start sessions which I think is one of her invaluable qualities. She is completely non judgemental in her approach and is always focussed on whatever it is you want to achieve from your sessions with her. Despite our sessions being remote, her compassion, interest, empathy, understanding and joy in your achievements are palpable, plus we always have a good laugh!

If you have something you’d like some help with, I highly recommend working with Le’Nise if you’re able. This experience has been life altering for me and I hope it is for you too.


SP, Cambridge

Before working with Le'Nise I was suffering from quite painful periods, clotting, breast soreness and bloating. I had put up with symptoms for so long they almost felt normal. I wanted the support of an expert to guide me through healing the cause of the symptoms and I was also thinking about preparing my body for conception.

Le'Nise held the most nurturing, compassionate and non-judgemental space during our time together. I felt safe in her presence and supported with all her knowledge, I learnt so much about digestive and hormonal health and how to support the different phases of my cycle.

My breast soreness reduced significantly, I no longer needed pain relief for my period and the clotting disappeared. With support on rebalancing hormones and preparing my body for conception, I fell pregnant very shortly after working with Le'Nise. Working with Le'Nise has proven to be invaluable!

OMI, London

Le'Nise is a true expert in the field of women's health and her knowledge is incredible.

She never overwhelmed me with information or recommendations, but helped me to build up my protocol every few weeks.

I felt so secure and nourished by Le'Nise's support and would 1000 times recommend her to anyone looking to experience better hormones, periods and health. Thanks, Le'Nise!

Beth, London

Working with Le'Nise has been the best investment in my health and wellbeing.  I started the process hoping to 'fix' my periods, but I ended my time with Le'Nise with so much more!

I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago and knew that medication wasn't the answer.  My cycles were often 70 days long which were taking a toll on my mental wellbeing too.

Le'Nise provided a safe environment to learn about female health - going back to basics helped me to understand my body and how I could improve my wellbeing through mindful food choices, different exercise and trusting in the process.

Le'Nise also helped to introduce new daily habits that were easy to maintain, and I saw results within the first month of our time together, with my cycles reducing to 42 and 36 days thereafter.

My cycles are becoming more regular and my lifestyle habits have changed for the better!  I would highly recommend working with Le'Nise.

MM, Essex

Before working with Le’Nise, I was experiencing debilitating period pains every month for the past 5-6 years. I’d take the first day off from work, and either be in my bed or on the floor crying. I managed my pain by taking the maximum dosage of painkillers and also experienced back pain, diarrhoea, low mood and increased anxiety, particularly around the fear of the pain. 

Everytime I sought advice from GPs, they’d offer me stronger painkillers and say that my pain was ‘normal’. Then, when I came across one of Le’Nise’s posts explaining what was and wasn’t a ‘normal’ period, I knew I wanted to work with her…and it’s been my best decision of 2020!

Right through the process, Le’Nise was compassionate, knowledgeable and supportive. After every appointment, I saw a huge reduction in my pain after each cycle. I also saw improvements in my sleep, mood, energy levels, cravings, and digestion. I would experience 

One of best things about working with Le’Nise is that she works with you, as opposed to giving you a generic, rigid plan to stick to. She considers your preferences, lifestyle, habits and offers a gentle process of change that has a transformative impact on your health and mindset. I’ve learnt so many things in such a short space of time. I now have a toolkit that works to manage my period, an awareness of what's happening in my body, and evidence of being able to make powerful changes to my health.

Lu, London

I first saw Le’Nise on a live on Instagram and I really enjoyed hearing what she had to say about women’s womb health. I had recently got some news about my own and wanted to take the opportunity to better myself and understand my heath more.

Working with Le’Nise was great, we had regular follow ups and the advice she gave was amazing. Feel I understand my womb health so much better now and what I need to do to better myself especially in regards to my body.

The advice she given me has been beneficial for myself and I really enjoy it working with her to do so. I definitely will be taking on the advice and material she has given me to continue to better myself and my womb health and have even recommended friends and family to her as well.

MD, London

I came to Le'Nise after a long period of feeling like I was on a monthly rollercoaster of headaches, nausea, exhaustion and bloating. I feeling pretty low and concerned that I was peri-menopausal. I wanted to seek support to get back in control of my monthly cycle and educate myself on what I can do to support my cycle and overall health better. Instead, it transpired that I had seriously low iron and B12 and was out of balance in a few key areas.

The change in how I feel can't be overstated. It's dramatic! I've gone from 4-7 days of headaches and nausea that interfered with my work and life every month to the occasional mild headache (and reducing), zero nausea and dramatically reduced bloating. My energy level has shot through the roof and I no longer feel low and exhausted. Most importantly, I feel really good.

Le'Nise has such a straightforward, practical and balanced approach. She looked to understand what would work for me in adopting new habits and made it simple, manageable and accessible for me to make the changes I needed. It was important for me to understand the rationale behind each change and Le'Nise's translates her years of expertise with ease.

I categorise my life into 'BL' and 'AL', before Le'Nise and after Le'Nise!

"Working with Le'Nise provided me with the framework to reflect on my erratic eating behaviour; join the dots between what i ingest and my hormone health; and commit to the journey of healthy eating, which requires discipline and mental agility.

It took my body a while to see results and although i veered off the path, those habits formed during my sessions, coupled with improvements in my symptoms, have compelled me to return to my healthy eating journey. Thank you Le'Nise!"

ND, London

I've been dealing with PCOS since I was 18 and after few attempts in the past to go off the pill, I was terrified to make this big step again; yet I knew this is what my body needed by now. I've worked with Le'Nise for 3 months and she was able to bring me the confidence and the structure to get me to a place where I felt I could do this!

I cannot emphasise enough the results but on the top of shifting to a healthier and more suitable lifestyle for me, I was back to a normal cycle pattern after only 6 weeks (for the first time in my life) and now feel well equipped to deal with my symptoms.

Thank you Le'Nise, it's been a life changer.

Sarah, London

Thanks to you for all of your help and support with my hormone health programme over these last few months, the difference has been marked and I literally feel like a different person and feel like I’ve got the spring back in my step.

Your practical strategies, expert knowledge and accountability has meant that my peri-menopause is no longer a minefield but a natural transition. I really can’t thank you enough and have been actively recommending you to my friends!

Jess, Oxford

The sessions have been extremely informative in educating me how to make the correct choices of food to lower my HbA1c levels which had risen to 43.

GB, London

Le’Nise entered my life at a time when I was stuck with unhealthy eating patterns, I was not prioritising my needs and was very low of energy and I was attempting to conceive.

Throughout our sessions, Le’Nise took things at a slow pace, offering helpful things to consider and listening to my thoughts and feelings around my lifestyle and fertility journey.

She listened, offered solutions to fit my lifestyle and showed empathy when things were tricky or difficult for me.

She was so easy to talk too and I cannot thank her enough for the time we had together. I am still implementing her ideas and come back to our session notes when I have a set back or need some guidance.

If you are looking for someone who really listens, shows great empathy and gives effective solutions which are simple to implement then I cannot recommend Le’Nise enough.

Jenny, London
Le'Nise really listens to your concerns and champions you whilst reaching towards your goals with grace, compassion and a non-judgemental stance.

Her research and analysis are thorough and she provides sound advice combined with easy to manage weekly tasks. Le'Nise understood that for me, it was as much about overcoming mental barriers as it was creating healthy and sustainable habits. I cannot thank her enough for her support along my journey and helping to build my self-confidence.

If you are searching for a trustworthy and professional practitioner, I would highly recommend Le'Nise. If you are in need of insight and guidance into how to become a healthier version of yourself, Eat Love Move will be there for you.

Sarah, London

“It was a pleasure working with you. I definitely learned a lot and will make sure I stick to it and that consistency is key!”

Farhana, London

Working with Le’Nise has been a godsend.

I started working with her when I was going through a really difficult time health wise. She supported me, uplifted me and was 100% behind me every step of the way with good, sound and most importantly practical advice.

I felt that I learnt a lot working with Le’Nise and am really grateful I have some useful tools to help me continue my journey to wellness.

Gemma, London

Thank you for this and for the past 12 weeks – I’ve really enjoyed working with you.

You have taught me so much, made a positive impact on my mind and health. And you are a lot of fun!

Louise, London

I went to Le’Nise when I first heard I had fibroids. I wanted a nutritionist who understands women’s health and all I was going through.

Le’Nise was great at explaining everything from a different perspective, including science and food. With her holistic approach to nutrition, she encouraged me to make changes to my lifestyle which improved my overall wellbeing. Given the limited or even lack of support we often get from specialists and GP’s, I would highly encourage anyone going through some form of hormonal imbalance to work with a nutritionist like Le’Nise.

Joselyn, London

Working with Le’Nise has been fantastic – she’s very supportive and listened to everything I said about what I wanted to achieve and what I realistically could or couldn’t do around my job.

She gave me great recommendations and help me make sustainable changes to my lifestyle that are easy to do and enjoyable. It’s never felt like an awful diet I’m forcing myself to stick to and I think this will make the long term change I’ve been looking for and never found on any previous diets or meal plans.

She also took a wider approach to my life and health and I can’t thank her enough for the difference she has made in just a few short months. I look forward to showing her more progress in the future!

Vicky, London

My time working with Le'Nise to look at managing my hormones and fertility health has been an education. I was introduced to Le'Nise through a mutual contact and then interviewed her on my show, what made me say yes to working with her is her commitment to women's health especially for black women to be empowered and to know what is normal separating the facts from the myths.

I loved the individualistic approach she takes with her clients and working alongside my GP's to get a full picture of my health before recommending a course of action. She is incredibly patient, warm and compassionate as she looks at your needs, even when dealing with a fussy client like me 🙂 In the time of working together my sleep has improved, I have more awareness around my eating and is managing my fertility issue in a more practical and structured way.

Lillian, London 

Le'Nise offered emotional support and kindness, while making helpful but manageable changes to my diet.

I have changed habits and maintained the changes which I wouldn't have done without her help. She is knowledgable and informed but also great at working with your limits and possibilities.

I went to her with the aim of improving my fertility and getting off acid reflux medication. I have managed to reduce my medication by half and aim to be off it fully in the forthcoming months, and my fertility chances have improved with a thickening of the womb lining. I'd highly recommend her as a supportive nutritional guide who offers realistic goals that are achievable!

Hannah, 37

"Working with Le’Nise over the past few months has been life changing.

She provided me with practical, accessible tips and routines to help me take control over the hormonal rollercoaster around my monthly cycle. It felt really empowering to have knowledge of the things I could do to not only improve my hormonal moods but also improve my general health, energy levels and wellbeing.

She is a wealth of information and wisdom and extremely professional throughout the whole process."

Jo, 38

“Le’Nise is a really lovely, generous, kind person, who is professional to the core. She immediately put me at ease and was easy to talk to about personal issues.

Her suggestions for tweaks to my diet and supplements were realistic and achievable (with a young family and building project going on, this was key to me being able to follow her advice), and more importantly my condition improved and within a matter of weeks I felt better, absolutely awesome!

Le’Nise went above and beyond the call of duty, contacting me regularly to check how I was, and when I fell pregnant and had hyperemesis gravidas (extreme sickness) she was in touch regularly with many helpful suggestions to help me through this horrible time. I would highly recommend Le’Nise to anyone.“

Karen N, Sussex

"My reason for consulting with Eat Love Move was to achieve an even keel with my energy and mood levels as I am in perimenopause. I’d tried the medicalised route and wanted to explore a more holistic approach - you are what you eat.

In my initial consultation, I found Le’Nise to be caring, sensitive, knowledgeable and passionate about how nutrition can make a difference. She put me at ease instantly with her warm welcome and quickly cut through to what I was truly feeling, addressed the way I was expressing myself about my lifestyle and alleviated anxieties. I found the 2 follow up sessions essential to keep me on track with insightful tweaks and fact sheets from Le’Nise.

I would recommend Eat Love Move to anyone searching for a way to rebalance. It was rewarding and enriching for both me and my family as I now have a deeper understanding of how powerful the right nutrition can be. Everyone should do this.

Thank you!"

Helen, Kent 

"Working with Le’Nise really helped me to understand my health issues in a way the GP was unable.

She broke down my issues, explained how they were connected and how they impact my health.

Le’Nise helped me to see that my extreme lethargy, frequent illness and low mood didn’t have to be my norm.

She gave me some helpful tools regarding food and sleep routine that I was able to apply immediately.  I saw results within weeks!"

Tamu, London

"I’m so excited & had to let you know...I’ve been seed cycling & supplementing as we discussed when I saw you & look! I finally ovulated after only 4 weeks off the pill. How amazing is that?!"

Katie, London

"Working with Le’Nise over the past 2 months has been extremely helpful. Her manner is such that she immediately puts you at ease, whilst being very professional but fun.

Le’Nise is extremely thorough in her assessment and advice. As a result of her interventions, I now have a better understanding of how to manage my body effectively with food (and water!) without feeling restricted to fad diets. I can enjoy eating AND feel good!

Would definitely recommend Le’Nise to any woman but especially those dealing with hormonal or gynaecological issues."

Angela, 47

"I’ve been meaning to message you for a few weeks. I really just wanted to tell you that I have been feeling really good! My symptoms for endo have all pretty much gone.

Normal periods, not much pain, no bleeding in between. I have lots more energy and my skin and hair is in the best condition I’ve ever seen. So a massive thank you for all the work you put into our session and the advice following.

I certainly believe it’s all down to taking really good supplements and following an anti inflammatory diet."

Lou, London

"Your support over the past few months has been invaluable. I feel much more energetic and positive, my immune system is stronger and I feel so much better in myself. Thank you!"

Michelle, 40

More testimonials from my corporate wellness work with PUSH Mind and Body:

"Le'Nise made me feel at ease and comfortable to talk about really personal information regarding my health and was so knowledgeable. The takeaways she gave me were really actionable, some of which I could start implementing in my life straight away. We only had half an hour each session but the amountof useful information I took out of it was incredible. Really grateful for this initiative and feeling really lucky to have had Le'Nise as my coach.”


“Le'Nise was really knowledgeable on her subject area. She gave me practical tips to take away, and listened to exactly what I was saying."



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