“Le’Nise is a really lovely, generous, kind person, who is professional to the core. She immediately put me at ease and was easy to talk to about personal issues.

Her suggestions for tweaks to my diet and supplements were realistic and achievable (with a young family and building project going on, this was key to me being able to follow her advice), and more importantly my condition improved and within a matter of weeks I felt better, absolutely awesome!

Le’Nise went above and beyond the call of duty, contacting me regularly to check how I was, and when I fell pregnant and had hyperemesis gravidas (extreme sickness) she was in touch regularly with many helpful suggestions to help me through this horrible time. I would highly recommend Le’Nise to anyone.“

Karen N, Sussex


“My reason for consulting with Eat Love Move was to achieve an even keel with my energy and mood levels as I am in perimenopause. I’d tried the medicalised route and wanted to explore a more holistic approach – you are what you eat.

In my initial consultation, I found Le’Nise to be caring, sensitive, knowledgeable and passionate about how nutrition can make a difference. She put me at ease instantly with her warm welcome and quickly cut through to what I was truly feeling, addressed the way I was expressing myself about my lifestyle and alleviated anxieties. I found the 2 follow up sessions essential to keep me on track with insightful tweaks and fact sheets from Le’Nise.

I would recommend Eat Love Move to anyone searching for a way to rebalance. It was rewarding and enriching for both me and my family as I now have a deeper understanding of how powerful the right nutrition can be. Everyone should do this.

Thank you!”

Helen, Kent 


“Working with Le’Nise really helped me to understand my health issues in a way the GP was unable.

She broke down my issues, explained how they were connected and how they impact my health.

Le’Nise helped me to see that my extreme lethargy, frequent illness and low mood didn’t have to be my norm.

She gave me some helpful tools regarding food and sleep routine that I was able to apply immediately.  I saw results within weeks!”

Tamu, London


“I’m so excited & had to let you know…I’ve been seed cycling & supplementing as we discussed when I saw you & look! I finally ovulated after only 4 weeks off the pill. How amazing is that?!”

Katie, London

“Working with Le’Nise over the past 2 months has been extremely helpful. Her manner is such that she immediately puts you at ease, whilst being very professional but fun.

Le’Nise is extremely thorough in her assessment and advice. As a result of her interventions, I now have a better understanding of how to manage my body effectively with food (and water!) without feeling restricted to fad diets. I can enjoy eating AND feel good!

Would definitely recommend Le’Nise to any woman but especially those dealing with hormonal or gynaecological issues.”

Angela, 47


“I’ve been meaning to message you for a few weeks. I really just wanted to tell you that I have been feeling really good! My symptoms for endo have all pretty much gone. Normal periods, not much pain, no bleeding in between. I have lots more energy and my skin and hair is in the best condition I’ve ever seen. So a massive thank you for all the work you put into our session and the advice following. I certainly believe it’s all down to taking really good supplements and following an anti inflammatory diet.”

Lou, London


“Your support over the past few months has been invaluable. I feel much more energetic and positive, my immune system is stronger and I feel so much better in myself. Thank you!”

Michelle, 40


More testimonials from my corporate wellness work with PUSH Mind and Body:

“Le’Nise made me feel at ease and comfortable to talk about really personal information regarding my health and was so knowledgeable. The takeaways she gave me were really actionable, some of which I could start implementing in my life straight away. We only had half an hour each session but the amountof useful information I took out of it was incredible. Really grateful for this initiative and feeling really lucky to have had Le’Nise as my coach.”
“Le’Nise was really knowledgeable on her subject area. She gave me practical tips to take away, and listened to exactly what I was saying.”

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