I love helping others learn more about ways to improve their health and wellbeing.


I’ve spoken about hormones, health and wellbeing for a wide variety of groups, from large corporate talks to small, interactive workshops to digital seminars and summits.


Most recently, I’ve spoken at Stylist Live, Channel 4 and Boden.


I can be booked for talks, seminars, summits and workshops, covering topics such as meal planning, wellbeing in the workplace, self-care & stress management, hormone health from puberty to the menopause and understanding your menstrual cycle.


Here’s what’s been said about my talks and workshops:

“So insightful and informative with regards to how interconnected hormones, nutrition and training are! Thanks to her advice, I made a concerted effort to track my menstrual cycle and took on board many of her tips on when to eat what at which stage. It was amazing to finally be able to make connections between hormonal change in my body, how that affected me and how I could manage it with nutrition and exercise. Le‘Nise offers so much to women in an industry which is so male  dominated – thank you!”


“A big big thank you for your excellent presentation today, it was such a great in-depth exploration of fibroids and everyone, from what I could tell, really enjoyed it.”


“I have never really taken any notice of nutrition and how it affects me and my body on a daily basis.  After seeing Le’Nise’s course at the Strongher weekend, I signed up intrigued – what this was all about?WOW is all I can say.  Listening to how our body’s work around “that time of month” surprised me… since then I take more care in what I eat and when I eat it.  It was a great beginners guide to delving into nutrition and I would certainly attend another lecture to learn more.”


“The workshop was interesting, relevant and useful…I now have a much better understanding of my cycle and the relative impacts on my mood and physical state.”


If you belong to a group who would like some inspiration and motivation to eat better, I would love to hear from you! Contact me using the form below.




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