Stories I loved this week. 


Photo by Ståle Grut

Happy weekend!  I’m going to be busy studying for my final Biomedicine exam this weekend, but in the meantime, here are some stories I loved this week.

Nice to see what a lot of us already know backed up by science – exercise makes you better at work! (Grazia)

Can you guess how much sugar is in these foods? The Haribo one was a shocker! (Guardian)

The Fed & Fit podcast has some great tips on how to avoid 5 sneaky everyday toxins. (Fed & Fit)

Could you fit at least four hours a day on your feet? A new study think we sit too much at work. (Guardian)

I struggled to embrace ‘mum’ as part of my identity and the rise of ‘mum’ as a diss was part of that. No one wants to be mumsy!

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