Stories I loved this week.


Photo by Daniela Cuevas

It’s Saturday and I’m looking forward to some sweet relaxation time with my two guys. A lot of cooking, playing, laughing and eating is planned for this weekend before I head off on another work adventure to Jakarta next week! Here are some stories I loved this week.

The quest for work life balance is erroneous according to this wonderful article. I wrote about this a while back as I truly believe there’s no such thing as balance. (The Pool)

A fascinating article on how our childhood experiences can impact on our health as adults. Find out what your ACE score is. (Aeon)

8 things to eat and drink on when you get your period. Unsurprisingly, magnesium and calcium rich food are high on the list. (The Chalkboard)

A smarter way to ease the return to work after maternity leave. Companies are slowly starting to understand that not only are mothers an important part of a company’s culture, but that easing their return to work has long term benefits. (Washington Post)

Would you make your own treadmill desk? (Guardian)

Love this initiative. IBM’s travelling breastfeeding moms can now ship their milk home for free. (CNN Money)

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