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It’s finally the end of the week and by the time you read this, I’ll be in Jakarta (!) on another work shoot. I had my Hepatitis A and typhoid fever jabs last week and have been researching weather, food and local customs to get me prepared for this trip.

I love this perspective from Lauren Laverne on how inequality at home is contributing to women dropping out of work or being ‘underemployed’ so they can try to balance everything they need to do at home with trying to keep their hands and earning enough money to pay the bills. (The Pool)

It seems that communication, similarity and thinking long term are the secrets to a long marriage. (Aeon)

20 ways you’re spinning wrong. (Cosmopolitan)

Why telling kids to dream big is a con. As a parent, this is a fascinating subject – you want to encourage your child, but it seems like to also need to manage expectations a bit. “The shift in expectation has resulted in tremendous anxiety over achieving these goals and, paradoxically, sheer delusion.”  It seems that you should teach self-control and hard work instead. (Aeon)

This woman gave up processed food for a year and after starting at the extreme (grinding her own flour!), she ended up at the most sensible place – eating real, whole food. (Well + Good)

Could you scale down your digital world?  Not a digital detox, but intentionally avoiding certain apps and using your phone and laptop with intention, rather than mindless scrolling. I’m not on Facebook anymore, I don’t use Whatsapp or Snapchat and don’t plan to and am very conscious about how much I use my phone around my son. Children learn by what they see, not what you say and I’m trying really hard to set a good example for him. (Stylist)

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