Stories I loved this week. 

Photo by Kris Atomic 

It’s a sunny Saturday and I’m looking forward to spending the day with family and friends doing a whole lot of nothing. It feels good to unwind after a very busy June and July. 

Is the air conditioning in your office sexist? Good question. Biologically speaking, women do have wider temperature variations, especially around ovulation and menstruation. (Telegraph) 

Boredom is character building.  (Aeon) 

These Ayurvedic principles are a powerful way of understanding what your menstrual cycle is telling you about your health. I’ve found that the combination of an anti-inflammatory diet, taking magnesium everyday and drinking fresh squeezed lemon with grated turmeric and ginger each morning has reduced my PMS and pain. (Mind Body Green) 

I’m obsessed with Sonnet James’ dresses – so comfortable and practical when running around with an active toddler. 

A sad and shocking statistic – 54,000 new mums in the UK are forced out of their jobs each year. (Talented Ladies Club) 

Get your pelvic floor sorted. (goop)

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