Stories I loved this week.


Photo by Pineapple

How was your week? I spent the first part of the week getting back of the UK swing of things, only to be struck down with food poisoning on Wednesday. Bah humbug. Happily, it wasn’t too bad, I’m back to myself, ready to enjoy a weekend of hanging out in London and enjoying the summer sun.

Even though I hate the term ‘mom-preneur’ (why not just entrepreneur?), this is a sweet article about 4 women who have their own businesses and are also mothers to young children. (My Domaine)

Really enjoying having a read through Mother – a website for women, who wear many hats, including mother. And here’s a lovely piece on how Danish mothers (and fathers!) teach their children empathy. (Mother)

How rich people raise rich kids. Attitudes towards money matters a lot. (The Atlantic)

I’m so happy that there is a mainstream conversation happening about miscarriages. The stigma needs to go away. (Telegraph)

What happens to your body an hour after drinking a can of Coke and a can of Diet Coke.

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