Stories I loved this week.


Photo by Denin Williams

I cannot believe it’s September already. The summer officially started for me at the end of June when I finished by my last exam, and with all the travel and family activities I’ve been doing, these past two months have really flown by. I was in Abu Dhabi this week for work and we’re off on a much needed family holiday to Formentera tomorrow. I really can’t wait. I’ll be trying not to overpost all of our lovely meals and beach trips on Instagram.

Like many, I’ve been trying to find ways to help the refugees coming in from Africa and the Middle East. (Elle)

Have you heard of ‘tone-policing’? I hadn’t until I read this defense of Nicki Minaj. (The Atlantic)

An argument-free marriage? Not something I’ll be signing up for any time soon. I completely believe in the cathartic qualities of a good argument. (The Pool)

How to eat carbs like a sane person. Otherwise known as listening to your body and eating real food in a way that works for YOU. (Summer Tomato)

Reading about the American battle against GMOs makes me really glad that I live in the UK, where they are banned. (goop)

Such a great piece about going through cancer treatment deliberately and with faith. (New York Times)

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