Stories I loved this week. 


Photo by Brennan Ehrhardt

And the weekend is here. We’re heading off on another trip this week, this time to Toronto. I love Autumn at home – the crispness, the colours, the smell of the city. I can’t wait. Also, the exchange rate is very favourable, so I’ll be doing a lot of shopping!

Good news for the flibberdigidgets, as my grandmother would say. A good fidget can be hugely beneficial, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting. (Guardian)

Filed in sort of obvious news: prolonged sitting is bad for children too. (New York Times)

A workout for your face? There’s a place that does this in Selfridges and I really want to try it. (Self)

I really want an avocado hugger. I know I can just use the empty  of the avocado peel, but I’m a sucker for a kitchen gadget. (Lakeland)

What your favourite beverage says about you. Probably a bit too puritanical to have sparkling water, my favourite, on the list. (Real Simple)

The dark side of almonds. This article was written a year ago, however, California is still in drought. (The Atlantic)

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