Stories I loved this week.


 Photo by Roman Kraft 

And just like that, the summer’s over, autumn is here and I’m back to the books for year 2 of my Nutrition studies. I can’t wait to dive deeper into vitamins, minerals and micronutrients amongst many, many other topics as I build up the knowledge and expertise to start my own practice. 

Feminism is for little boys too. Great points about the early conditioning of boys: “as the parent of young children I see the small ways the conditioning of boys starts. The sludge-coloured clothes in rough fabrics (WTF is the deal with baby denim and those tiny “occasion” suits??) or t-shirts covered in aggressive slogans and imagery.” (The Pool)

Given the increased danger of growing microbial resistance to antibiotics, this is a fascinating article on using fecal transplants to rebuild gut flora. (New York Times)

35 meatless Paleo recipes. (Well + Good)

Loved Jennifer Lawrence’s essay on her experiences with Hollywood wage gap. (Lenny)

Great interview with Rhian, the inspiring CEO of Psycle. (Psycle)

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