Stories I loved this week.


Photo by Chris Liu-Beers

The clocks go back this weekend and I for one don’t welcome the darker nights. There’s something quite depressing about leaving work at 6pm to find that it’s already dark. But it’s not all doom and gloom. After all of the business and personal travel this summer, we’re back into our routine of work, nursery, study and family. And it feels good. It sounds a bit fusty but I like routines and the sense of order and comfort they bring. In that sense, freelancing isn’t a good option for me, but the good news is, I tend to fall into routines quickly – my route to work, my lunch roster, the best coffee spots and the best route to J’s nursery.

How’s your week been? Here are a few of the stories I loved this week.

A fascinating article on the power of lullabies and a good reminder about how important it is to sing to and with children. (New York Times)

Yes, sweetie darling! The Ab Fab movie is finally coming! (AV Club)

Really love Jamie Oliver’s tough talk to the sugar industry in this opinion piece. (Daily Mail)

A fascinating piece on how friendships change in adulthood. (The Atlantic)

The importance of the B vitamins to converting food to energy and where to get them from. (goop)

I’m seriously thinking about getting one of these acupressure mats. (Cult Beauty)

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