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Photo by Greg Rakozy

Ah, that freelance life. It’s full of ups and downs that I’ve just gotten my head around after doing it for the last 18 months. I’m going into my last week of my current contract and I’m now at the point (finally!) where I can be Zen when contracts finish. It doesn’t send me into a massive tailspin of self-doubt and worry any more. I’ve finally decoupled work from being the defining measure of my identity.

Now for some solid study and research time ahead of the Christmas break! Do you freelance? How long did it take you to become relaxed about contracts ending?

Could you live for seven months with just a single suitcase of possessions? I think I could. Whenever we go away, I’m always struck by how little we actually need on a day to day basis, versus how much we actually have. (Self)

More reasons to add some resistance training to your workout. Lifting weights may slow brain degeneration. (New York Times)

Have you heard of nature-deficit disorder? Apparently, children, as they become more sedentary start to suffer from this. (goop)

Now that we’re deep into the autumn, here are some good sources of zinc to help boost your immune system. (The Chalkboard)

I adored this post on the social life of a mother. (LaTonya Yvette)

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