Stories I loved this week.


Photo by Death to Stock Photo + Mumsy

A great reminder of the importance of the lymph system and some wonderful tips on how to get it moving, as we head into cold and flu season. (The Chalkboard)

Did you know that perfectly healthy and lucid brains can hallucinate? Any mother will tell you that this happens as soon they jump in the shower when their child is napping! (Science of Us)

The stigma of being overweight in China. (Stylist)

A fascinating piece of photojournalism chronicling kids who grow up taking prescription medications. (The Guardian)

Did you read the special edition of Lenny about endometriosis? (Lenny)

What a simple tip for checking the freshness of eggs! Helped me save a lot of eggs this week. (The Kitchn)

I’ll definitely be trying the London versions of these¬†fitness studios. (Elle UK)

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