Stories I loved this week.


Christmas is in 5 days. Are you excited? I am. It’s been fun easing myself into the Christmas spirit with lots of kiddie Christmas parties and outings.   I still can’t believe another year is almost done. The days are long, but the years are short – that expression rings so true to me. Remember how long summer holidays used to feel? Now the summer just whizzes by.

The latest episode of Happier, one of my favourite podcasts, gives a nice round up of the Four Tendencies. Which one are you? (Happier)

A fascinating article on the menopause – what we don’t know and how to treat it. (The Guardian)

The breadwinner penalty – I found this utterly shocking. (The Pool)

A great primer on how genetics, lifestyle, diet and epigenetics influence methylation, from Dr. Ben Lynch. (Chris Kresser).

Your iPhone is ruining your posture and your mood. Surprise, surprise. (The New York Times)

What happens to your body when you eat too much sugar. (Self)

This book has been so helpful for potty training. Now my son insists on carrying it around with him everywhere and yelling, “Everyone poops!”


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