Stories I loved this week.


It’s Boxing Day! Are you out braving the sales or are you at home with friends and family eating bubble and squeak and relaxing? We’re headed to my in-laws today for more turkey and Christmas pudding and very excited toddlers running around.

Then it’s a full week off with family time in London, full of day trips, walking and fun. I’m excited.  I’m always amazed at how many steps I manage to tot up just running around London with my two guys, especially since little J wants to walk everywhere now – those little legs can move. Bonus: he polishes off everything we put in front of him for dinner and sleeps very, very deeply on those evenings.

Reading this article on Raffi brought back so many memories. I’ve introduced his music to my son and he loves it too! (NY Mag)

I really feel for the parents of these children with extreme allergies. (The Guardian)

Have you heard Elizabeth Gilbert’s podcast yet? I’ve just started listening to it and am really enjoying the insights on how to boost creativity. (Magic Lessons)

Use the Christmas break to work on your sleep habits and hygiene, not catch up on your sleep. (The Pool)

The top wellness trends of 2015. The trend for seaweed is a good one, but slightly worrying as some types of seaweed, including kelp specifically, contain high levels of iodine, which can have a negative effect on thyroid function. (Well + Good)

Have you read the Time profile on Adele yet? (Time)

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