Stories I loved this week.


Winter has officially arrived in London. It’s been really cold here this week, so we’ve had to pull out our parkas and toques and snuggle down. I like it.

Our food is either nutritious or not. We are healthy or we are not. If we eat nutritious food, we may enhance what health we possess. (Washington Post)

Great workout motivation tips. (Buzzfeed)

Have you ever had a ‘toxic’ friendship? I have, and even though it was painful to end it (the grief almost felt like a death), once I processed it all, the relief was palpable. (Verily)

Eight dangerous signs you’re a freezer hoarder. (The Telegraph)

Lots of conversation happening in the UK about parenting and parenting classes. This article talks about needing to teach parents how babies develop, not how to be parents. (The Conversation)

Are picky eaters the new normal? Thinking beyond gluten-free and dairy-free, this opinion piece talks about people who refuse ‘strong’ tasting food. (The Guardian)

B vitamins are important and most people don’t get enough of them. Green leafy veg like kale are great sources of B9 (folate) and red meat is a great source of B12, as it’s not present in non-animal sources. (goop)

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