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Happy weekend!

I am so thankful to have the next two days to rest, relax, exercise and spent time with my guys. It’s been a hectic few weeks with two weekends in a row of all day lectures, on top of settling into a new contract.

No complaints though – I signed up for this. My meditation right now is, “enjoy the process”. Sometimes, we’re so quick to want to get to the end, that we forget to enjoy all the stuff that comes in between.

So that’s me right now. Enjoying the process of becoming a naturopath, enjoying the evolution of mothering a baby to now mothering a rapidly growing little boy and enjoying the growth of my marriage.

More proof that you can’t out exercise poor nutrition. (The Telegraph)

Psychology and mindset play a much bigger role in nutrition and eating than they’re given credit for. (aeon)

One of the biggest benefits of working remotely when you have older children. Something to keep in mind as J gets older. (Signal v. Noise)

Do you dry brush? I’ve just started and I’m hoping for some good results. Anything to support lymphatic drainage (and get rid of cellulite!). (goop)

I absolutely love this photo essay. It’s amazing to see how hugely the level of fresh food varies by country. How much fresh produce is in your weekly shop? (Food Matters)

One person can eat white bread and have no blood sugar spikes, whereas with another person, the same food can cause massive blood sugar spikes. Nutrition is SO individual and this incredible study gives more evidence of this. (BBC)

Knowledge of the importance of good gut bacteria and the gut microbiome is becoming more mainstream, which is so important. It’s fascinating to see research on how Western diets (read: high in refined sugar and refined processed carbohydrates) can damage gut microbiota over generations. (LA Times)

Confessions of a Paleo diet pioneer. (WSJ)

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