Stories I loved this week. 

stories i loved this week.

Another week has gone by and here we are in February. My little guy has a terrible cold, so sleep has been a bit broken and a bit more coffee and concealer has been needed!  But I keep going, especially since I have a full weekend of clinics and observing patients.  Enjoy your weekend!

Do you talk to strangers? I loved the comments about ‘Britishing it out’. (The Pool)

In praise of bland food. (Rachel Laudan)

A fascinating report from the UK Food Foundation that shows how the odds are stacked against eating a nutritious diet in the UK. (Food Foundation)

The smoking ban has reduced harms from passive smoking. Hurrah – I absolutely hate smoking. (Buzzfeed)

Pret-a-Manger is going to start trialling bone broth in some of its UK stores. And they’re using the bones of grass-fed cattle! (Well To Do)

This feels like a look into my mind. (Stylist)

How to use your food waste. (The Guardian)

What top chefs pack their kids for lunch. (Bon Appetit)

Photo by Oliver & Hen Pritchard-Barrett

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