Stories I loved this week.


How has your week been? It’s starting to feel like Autumn in London and we’re starting to pull out our jumpers and fall coats and laying up. I like the crisp weather and the smell of fires being lit. It reminds me of starting a new year of university in Montreal and all the lovely fall foliage and coziness.

The weekend we’re going to try to catch this bee exhibit at Kew Gardens. What are you up to?

Are mothers the most efficient workers? (Motherly)

I want this coat. (ASOS)

This is really worrying, given the huge problem of antibiotic resistance and the effect antibiotics in the food supply can have our gut microbiome. (The Guardian)

Are you the type of cook that keeps bones in the freezer? Yep – the more bones you have, the more gelatinous the stock. (The Kitchn)

Wow – 100% of the mothers at this company return to work. (Quartz)

I’m starting to get fed up with using cling film and have been looking for sustainable alternatives. I love the look of these reusable silicone lids. (Food 52)

It’s so important for women to talk about miscarriages and for this be normalised. (Stylist)

This cheered me up on a gloomy afternoon at work. (Glamour)

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