Stories I loved this week.

daisy in paris

Happy weekend! Here’s a round up of a few of the nutrition stories I’ve found interesting this week.

The microbiome is so fascinating. Did you know that every unbalanced microbiome is unbalanced in its own way? This is why a one sized fits all approach doesn’t make sense when working with the microbiome. (The Atlantic)

Another reason why breast milk is so powerful. (Futurity)

What do you do when you have anxiety and your partner doesn’t? (The Cut)

Food marketing works – the easiest way to get people to eat more vegetables to reframe the dish into something more appealing, like ‘creamy sizzling beets’. A good tip to help people eat more vegetables. (Time)

This is an incredible buy if you own a cast iron pan. (Bon Appetit)

Meal planning and batch cooking is the only way to make sure you eat nutritious meals during busy weekdays. (The Kitchn)

A great piece by an omnivore using butchery to reconcile the dilemmas they feel about eating meat. (Aeon)


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