Period Story Podcast, Episode 20: Estelle Bingham, Choose To Listen To Yourself, Gently and Lovingly

On today’s episode of Period Story podcast, I had the pleasure of sharing a wonderful conversation I had with Estelle Bingham last week. Estelle is a healer and psychic, as well as a former travel presenter for Lonely Planet.

Estelle and I had a wonderful conversation (her words gave me chills at one point!) about intuition, the importance of boundaries, what manifestation actually is, connecting with the cycles of the moon and of course, the story of Estelle’s first period.

Estelle says that she was very excited for her first period. She talks about the two truths that many of us continue to hold about menstruation: the internal excitement of being part of something bigger and general negativity that society gives menstruation, calling it ‘the curse’.

Estelle says it’s so important that we understand our menstrual cycle so that we can recognise and listen to the internal workings of who we are. She says this part of us gets really demonised and that we need to be kind and find a way to come back to ourselves.

Estelle talked about her experience as a travel presenter and how she felt her period never got into the way or held her back when she was doing things like trekking up K2, climbing down the Karijini Gorges in Australia or speaking to Kenyan tribes. She says it was really empowering not to feel like she had to worry about her period.

Listen to hear Estelle talk about how to notice the connection between our menstrual cycle and the moon cycle. She says that we start to notice how we can feel during full moons and where we’re at in our menstrual cycle. She talks about the effects last Thursday’s super moon in Scorpio may have had on some of us.

I asked Estelle about manifestation, this word I see thrown around a lot and she broke it down in a practical way, saying that you can put things out there, but you also have to show up to those things everyday and do the work.

Estelle says that we should choose to listen to ourselves, gently and lovingly so that we are able to love ourselves more and come home to ourselves. I love that!

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Estelle Bingham has been supporting others to find more Love, Purpose and Connection in their lives for over 15 years. 

Fourth generation psychic and meditating from 6 years old, the journey of the soul has been an integral part of her life since the very beginning. She is committed to helping others heal, express truth and embrace and embody their true joy and potential. 

Estelle works with clients internationally, at The Bamford Hay Barn and at Body and Soul Charity. At Body and Soul Estelle inspires and motivates young people from adverse backgrounds to dare to dream. Estelle leads the Love, Purpose and Connection retreats that have become a space for long-lasting healing transformation and manifestation.



Le’Nise: On today’s episode, we have Estelle Bingham. Estelle is a fourth generation psychic and has been meditating from six years old, so the journey of the soul has been an integral part of her life since the very beginning. She is committed to helping others heal, express truth and embrace and embody their true joy and potential. Welcome to the show.

Estelle: Oh, thank you. Le’Nise. Very excited to be here finally.

Le’Nise: Yeah, happy to have you. So let’s get into the story of your first period. Can you share with us what happened?

Estelle: Yeah, I saw I had a think about this. I’ve been thinking about this all week actually. And but I do remember my first period because I was one of the last people, one of the last girls in my group of friends to get my period, everyone started getting their period quite early at school. And this was the 80s and so they were like 11 – 12 and it was this, it was this moment within our group, it was a sort of that real coming of age, like it’s some, it was quite exciting, you know, like, you’re going to get your period, you’re gonna get your first bra. And I was like hanging around, hanging around, you know, what’s going on. And I got my period at 14. And, and it was actually, I was looking forward to that. So I remember, I remember getting my period and actually kind of being really quite happy about it. And so it was that was quite a positive experience. Yeah.

Le’Nise: Why were you so happy about it?

Estelle: I felt that, you know, it was I was joining the ranks, you know, joining the kind of beat to sort of that, that that moment in our teenage lives where all the sort of preteen and then teenage and, you know, that desire to grow into the young woman and getting a period was, you know, I was very, also very flat chested, and I and I still I wanted to kind of do this thing where I went from, you know, little girl to as like, oh, I want to do, I want to step up now, not that I wasn’t quite sure what that was, you know what it meant, but in the sense of what that would lead to, but just the the idea of growing and, and sort of becoming I was I was really, I was really up for that.

Le’Nise: And when you got your period, was it everything that you thought it was going to be in your kind of previous excitement and imagining of the future?

Estelle: Yeah, I mean, I grew up in a in a sort of, you know, I grew up in a single family with my mom, and, you know, my mom is the, is the reason why, you know, she was it was quite a liberal household. She was a bit of a, definitely a bit of a hippie, but in the sense of, she was a very strong woman. And the period story was a positive one, you know, you know, it was not something that was, though it wasn’t shunned, it was it was talked about. But in wider society, you know, there was this kind of strange split between this excitement, this internal excitement with your friends with your girlfriends, and then the wider experience of the period, which was that it was something, you know, it was at that time it was talked about, you probably heard about this, but it was the curse, you know, or ‘Oh my god, it’s that time of the month.’ So we kind of met it with these two truths. You know, like, one of them was like, oh excitement and the other one was like, ‘Oh my God, I’ve got my period again.’ And it was all like a kind of, it was a story. And there was a thing about Games and you’d be off Games a lot. I quite enjoyed that. But you would be off Games, if you had your period and you could, you know, you could kind of pull a sickie and stuff like that.

But, you know, definitely we’ve held that, we hold that as as young women emerging. We hold these two truths that are that are actually confusing. They are confusing and they, they it’s it’s sort of subconscious confused messaging that we don’t process at the time, but we hold it as we are emerging into our, you know blossoming we, we hold these two truths. So, so one of them is actually to not like who you are. And one of them is kind of quite exciting, but it’s a push pull experience from the beginning.

Le’Nise: What do you think it takes to reconcile those two truths and move away from that push pull of menstruation?

Estelle: Well, what I’m loving at the moment is is a sort of, especially in my work, and what I’m seeing is the sort of with the millennial, millennials or a lot of young people and a lot of interest in wellness, a lot of interest in, you know, that leads to mindfulness that leads to an interest in crystals at least to an interest in you know, the phases of the moon, but ultimately what’s happening there is that there is a, an interest growing for who we are inside and to begin to really tap into that truth. And so for me, it’s about reconnecting to the sacredness of life. And really remembering that we are actually sacred and the menstruation is part of who we are, and it’s a beautiful part of who we are.

And, you know, in, in ancient cultures, and I mean, especially the in the Native American culture. When women menstruated you know, they would have a moon lodge, they would gather they would have a mission, they could take time to rest, to nourish and to dream. And that time, you know, whether it’s three days, two days, seven days is a time to come back to yourself. And it’s just about that, really, it’s just about these, these moments in time, these moments in our days, these moments in our cycles, these moments in the month, where we recognise and listen to the internal workings of who we are, and actually just honour them. So when we are feeling a bit grumpy, a bit moody, a bit emotional, we are emotional, right? Because it’s, it’s, it’s our body telling us I want to rest I need to take some time, I’m, I’m in the process of breaking down so that I can grow again. And that’s really remembering a cycle of what’s happening internally and honouring that cycle.

Le’Nise: What would you say to a woman who say, I don’t have time to honour this cycle? I don’t have time to slow down?

Estelle: Well, one of the things that, you know, I suppose be to not be time specific, but there’s this time that we’re in now, which is this pandemic. You know, this is one of the big lessons at this time. Is, is it showing us about, it’s teaching us about the silence, it’s separating us so profoundly, you know, it’s putting us in the cave. It’s putting us in a hermetic cave, like, we’re all hermits, right? So, but we’re not meant to live like that. But it does teach us something about slowing down. Okay. And I understand that story of, you know, I don’t have time because, you know, it’s something that we have to work on.

Every day, we have to come back to ourselves and remind ourselves, I mean, that’s what meditation is about, right? It’s like, you take five minutes of just being mindful, just for five minutes out of that all of those hours of the day, to just come back to yourself, and I would say, you know, it is tricky. It is tricky. We don’t have moon lodges, and we don’t have time to sit in them. And, but but we can listen, and we can listen, even, we can take time to listen. And even if it’s for five minutes, it’s to listen and not punish, you know.

Often what happens is that, that that part of us gets really demonised or, you know, like, oh, you’re really moody or you’re getting your period, or you’re really grouchy, or you’re this, you’re that and it’s like, because, actually, yes, we are because we’re tired, you know, and from a sort of alternative health perspective, so working as it and also, you know, working energetically and as I do, the, the period or period time is powerful time to show us what happening internally, you know, it’s very raw time because if you’re having real cramps or it’s really heavy or, you know, it’s your body’s showing you something, so I feel be kind, you know, it’s, it’s about being kind and gentle and softening. And we can always find time just for a few moments, every day like, have your period just come back to yourself and be kind.

Le’Nise: Everything you’re saying I completely agree with and what I’m seeing now is a lot of women taking the time to slow down and actually know we know that we need to listen to our bodies, but often we push those signs aside, and taking this time to slow down and actually tuning into, ‘Okay, actually, my body has been pinging the signs to me was just a long time but I haven’t listened’ and it’s there now saying okay, well, what what does this mean? My body has been telling me this for a long time. Now I need to figure out what this actually means.

I want to ask you this, to go to back to your period story. So you were a travel presenter, travelling all over the world, which just sounds easy right now in this moment sounds incredible. How did you manage your period?

Estelle: Yeah, I mean, I, I sort of it’s interesting because I did Lonely Planet. I did a Lonely Planet show. I did three travel shows at one point. I was doing Treks In A Wild World, which would be you know, trekking up to K2, doing crazy things in Pakistan or I was in Kenya, I was all over the place. And it was such a gift. It was a real gift for me. I’d always been a traveller, sort of in my my late teens and my early 20s and I got that job and I was like, this is this is this is it, you know, so if the time has arrived, and it would be relentless, you know, it’s like, five in the morning you’d be showing up to a tribe in Kenya and, you know, you’d be doing, you know, you’d have to get that script and you’d have to be on it and, and ready to go. So this is the idea of having an off day wasn’t really part of that story. But I, I, we sort of took that in my stride. I’ve never, you know, I’ve never felt that my period has got, has held me back or got in the way or, you know, it’s, it’s actually in terms of travelling and in terms of that lifestyle. It was, you know, it was it was positive, it was positive. I just, I just integrated it, and, you know, worked with it, not against it.

Le’Nise: That’s interesting, working with it, rather than working against it. Were you as part of your job were you doing things like climbing you said K2, were you climbing K2?

Estelle: Yeah, I mean we were bumbling around on K2. I don’t want to say I was climbing K2. It was like, we were on the polar ice cap underneath K2 and then the whole the whole crew got you know, they all ended up lying on the on the floor with altitude sickness and it was kind of quite a dramatic time actually. But yeah, we were basically I would I would have to do climbing you know, I was climbing in Australia, they sent me down the Karijini Gorges and I had to also swim away with sharks and you know, all of that stuff swimming and climbing and abseiling. And I suppose it was like one of those moments out of that one of the adverts you know, kind of I don’t want any I don’t want to name any of that, you know, it was, it was one of those moments, I don’t want to product. I don’t want to do any product placement. But, you know, it was one of those moments me abseiling down and it’s all good, you know? So yeah, it’s um, it’s, it’s actually, it’s actually it was actually really empowering to not have to not to not feel like I should worry or I wouldn’t be able to do things or, you know, I couldn’t cycle or I couldn’t climb or I couldn’t you know it was, it was a part of who I is a part of who I am and it was just in. I just embrace that into the whole.

Le’Nise: And in terms of moving into your next life, so your next phase of work. How does your work as a healer and a psychic? How does your knowledge of the menstrual cycle, how does that factor into the work that you do? You mentioned a little bit previously, can you just talk a little bit more about that?

Estelle: About how the in terms of the moon and in terms of… well, it is interesting. I mean, there’s been a study, there’s been a couple of scientific studies around the moon and, you know, women’s periods aligning to the moon. And there’s, it’s, it’s kind of, you know, it’s not set in stone. Some people say, yes, some people say no, for me, I’ve been doing sort of full moon rituals and full moon ceremonies and celebrations for like over 20 years. And my, my period definitely now aligns itself to the moon. But the fact is, is that you know, the moon is is a powerful, is a powerful teacher. It’s a powerful tool in especially in times of the feminine because it is feminine, it’s about it’s about feminine power. And it’s another way to, you know, these are just ways to bring ourselves into stillness to bring ourselves, you know, the new moon. And then two weeks later the full moon, so obviously that goes in that cycle. And we can work with that cycle in terms of period and ovulation. And they’re just ways to bring us into more communication with Mother Earth really, with nature with our environment, with more than we are as we sit here to just bring ourselves into some sort of relationship. And that’s really about the, the wider story of that and especially, you know, where we are at this time, as as a as a species, you know, where are we today like, in relation to our future, so women have this incredible power.

We have this innate rhythm. And you know, we have this this, these, these ebb and this flow, we have this tide, every single month that moves through us, that is so powerful. So if we start to tap into that our own powers grow. So our own sense of intuition, listening to, you know, the gut, listening to the yes and listening to the no. And the moon is a way I mean with it with a full moon meditation that I do. But, you know, all meditation, it’s a way to just bring yourself into relationship with your own voice. And that and that guidance, and really, when we talk about self love, and we talk about, you know, what it means to really heal, and what it means to heal all of these stories and that you know, the period story has been very traumatic for a lot of women and in the collective and we work as a collective, you know, it’s been very traumatic for us. And it’s part of the way that we start to dislike ourselves. Right? It’s part of the way that we start to shut ourselves down, you know, oh, I’m, you know, for three days of the month, I’m unclean, I’m impure, or I’m not okay, or I’m not enough. It’s just very quiet messaging.

And really, it’s like when we start to remember and recover ourselves, you know, these are ways to remember, recover, recover love for self, you know, and we may never have had any love for self. So that’s gonna be some some proper recovery. But as a collective, you know, bringing the period story and bringing the period into a place of love, and softness and kindness. It’s the feminine energy and we hold it at our core, just by being female. So the moon is a way to just start to tap into that.

Le’Nise: How would you recommend to someone that they do this in a practical way? Because, you know, they might there might be people listening who just listening to what you’re saying and saying, ‘Well, okay, the moon. I know it sounds a bit woowoo like I don’t get it.’

Estelle: Yes, it is woo woo. Yeah.

Le’Nise: What’s a practical way that someone who is intrigued by this but doesn’t know where to start can start to connect their, the moon cycle with what’s happening for them on and their menstrual health?

Estelle: Well, I feel like you know, this is the thing about, when we break all of this stuff down. You know, really It’s like being the best, it’s been the best, it’s coming into the best version of ourselves in that very sort of simplistic way. And, you know, when you talk about menstrual health, you know, it’s it’s our, on all levels. So it’s that thing of the, our fertility, our, you know how we come into all of those positive things. And so really, it’s the listening is is what to hold on to right and keep it really basic, just the listening. So, but but you know, I feel that a great way to begin the relationship with self. And this is what this is about, really. It’s about integrating your menstruation in your cycle just into your into relating the relationship with yourself like I love mine. I love this.

So I’m going to take, I’m going to keep a note of like, my period, right, and I’m going to keep a note of my cycle. And I’m going to know when I ovulate and I’m going to you know, I’m going to keep an eye on that. I’m just going to I’m going to journal around that time because we do up and flow in that time. So often it’s it’s that you know, 14 days in or the 10 days and you start to ovulate and the body is creating you know, we’ve been we’ve been creating the follicle we’ve been doing all of that stuff and then inside and it’s really about to release the egg and, and energy changes, right. So you know, some people get cramps as you know, some people get cramps around when they’re ovulating and some people can get moody around that time too. And it’s just about listening.

So with the moon, I’d say, you know, you don’t have to overthink it. It’s just like but keep maybe keep an eye on it like start a journal like start journaling, like when there’s a full moon and you just, you see in the sky, you can look it up online or just, you know, start to keep an eye on it, right. And then you can just in that full moon you can just choose very privately very personally, go out in the garden, connect with nature. Have that five, take that 5 – 10 minutes. And just be a part of your own cycle but within a cycle and just start to kind of take to start to listen like, ‘Oh, well how do I feel on this full moon? How am I feeling?’ Right? Because the full moon affects people’s moods. I mean, that’s a separate thing, whether you’ve got your period, or you haven’t got your period coming on the format, whether it’s synced or not, the full moon affects our moods, right? We’re like 96, 97% water, and the full moon comes in and it’s, you know, the Super Moon coming up in Scorpio on Thursday. And depending on the sign that it’s in, it effects, it has different energy, it holds different medicine, it has different energy and it it comes in and it you know, can kick your it can kick your behind. So, so it’s like a time like, like the period, time is a time for reflection. For release and like what are we letting go of? Like, what are we releasing? And this menstrual cycle offers you that too? Okay? It’s that time of release when it comes to menstruation. It’s like the body’s going, it’s releasing, and it gives us that time to come back to ourselves and what do we what are we? What was that month? Like, what are we releasing? Like, you know, I would start journaling on there.

Le’Nise: So just getting a pen and paper and just noticing how you feel and perhaps noticing what where the moon is.

Estelle: Noticing, wait, how you feel, noticing where the moon is. And and it’s it’s that it’s that sort of beginning a relationship with the self like hidden inside. Because of course, from that place we can start to, when you get really in touch, you become empowered, you become aligned and in terms of manifesting. Right? So we release and we manifest you’re, you’re creating space for real manifest, like real manifestation.

Le’Nise: Talk a little bit about manifestation and what that actually is because, you know if any, if you spend a lot of time on online, you’ll see a lot of people talking about, ‘oh, I manifested this or I manifested that.’ And there will be I’m sure people who just think what is like, Am I just making things come to me from thin air? What is that in? In a practical sense?

Estelle: Yeah, yeah, no, completely. Well, I when I was when I was younger, I was like in my early 20s. I basically you know, the last thing I wanted to do at that time, was be do anything like remotely woowoo. And I was like, running from the woo woo. And I was like I’m so I’m not going to want to be healing psychic this that. I was like forget about it. Okay. I’ve always meditated, meditating has been my lifeline. I’ve done, been doing TM since I was six. But I, but in terms of the rest of it, like externally, I was not for it like, no. So I sat down and I was I went travelling, I was backpacking around India, and doing this and doing that. And then I came back and I was like, I left university and I was kind of having that sort of mid 20s, a little bit of a mid 20s coming up to sort of, you know, you’re like a bit of a crisis, like tiny because people have come out of school, come out of college, come out of university, right, got it together. And I had not got it together. But I knew that I wanted to be a presenter and I was like, right, I’m going to manifest this. And so I was about 25. And I basically did a whole, I created it, but you know what, at that time was I suppose it’s a is a type of vision board. And I went in and I was like, right, I’m doing this and at that time to be a presenter, like, you know, it was it was kind of everyone and then everyone in there everyone and their dogs, friends, cousin wanted to be a presenter. So, but I managed to get a job at the BBC. And as a as a PA, and I manifested it. And so I basically did about a year later, I became a presenter. And that’s, that’s quite a story.

But what I will say about manifestation and I’ve, I’m the big manifestation, manifesting works, it’s about but it’s, it takes two things, you know, it’s about co-creating your destiny, okay? So psychically people will come and see me and, and they’ll have things that are destined for them. But if you don’t show up to those things, you don’t you don’t get to manifest them right. So it’s it’s like you have things on your timeline, but we get to choose every day, what it is that we’re actually manifesting. So that’s why energy meets energy. So when you show up every day, and you’re like, and you’re focusing, but, you know, it’s about focusing and letting go at the same time, so, I’m focusing, I’m manifesting the love of my life. And I let it go to, like I trust, I’m going to trust and you know, so it’s two energies at the same time, the energy of manifestation.

Le’Nise: So you, you put the energy out there of what you want, but you also have to do the work.

Estelle: You have to do the work. You have to do the work. You have to show up. It’s part of being human, right. It’s part of the incarnation. You know, we’ve come here to work it out. Like we come here to learn lessons and figure it out and to refine who we are. And you know, some of that stuff means we have to work at getting what it is that we want to get, you know, what we see for ourselves or vision for ourselves, we have to kind of work to that place. And coming back to ourselves is one of the ways that’s the way that we start to align. Okay? That’s the way that we start to embody the life that we want to truly live. Sometimes we don’t know the life that we want to truly live sometimes. There’s been a lot of trauma and we’re not really sure and you know, some of my clients speak to me and they don’t know what that feels like or means. It’s like well, that’s a million miles away from me. But when, what I say is when you take a step on that path back towards back to self, you will get there and it is possible.

Le’Nise: Okay, it is possible. So, if you’re, if you really want something, vision, you can create a vision board or perhaps even write it down. You have to continue to, as you say, show up, do the work. And don’t just expect things should just fall into your lap.

Estelle: No, things do not fall into our laps, that’s not going to be happening, right? It’s just not, you know, I always say to people like, and this is a truth for me, right. So, I’ve been talking about writing a book, it’s one of the things that I need to get on and do. And it’s like, you know, I can write that book. Or I could be sitting here in 10 years time and not like that book. Okay. I have to write the book. I have to show up every morning to the page and write the book. Okay. And I have to work with all the humanness that comes in, right. All the ego, all that wounded ego stuff of like, oh, I’ve got to write, I’m showing up again, and what if and better, and it’s like, yeah, I have to work with that and I have to refine that. But keep showing up. Because that is a part of dynamic manifestation energy.

Le’Nise: I feel like you’re speaking to me, right now.

Estelle: Get off the podcast and start writing the book. Yeah.

Le’Nise: I want to just lead into your work as a psychic. So you’re a fourth generation psychic. Can you talk a little bit about that work and how you came to know that this was part of you?

Estelle: Yeah, I mean, I, I was lucky enough, you know, I suppose. You know, one of the things that that now as we’re transitioning into a more intuitive time, I feel, you know. And like I said, you know, I’ve been working with crystals for 20 years and back in the day, you know, you’re working with crystals, it was like, What are you on about? You know, it’s an inanimate object. But now it’s sort of it’s big stuff, right? So, but for me, I’ve always been lucky. I’ve been lucky enough to grow up with my mother, who is psychic.

And my world was very interdimensional, it was sort of, we got I grew up with that as just being a truth and reality, you know. And basically, you know, it’s, it was something I didn’t really want to deal with. I didn’t want to really want to, I didn’t want to be I want to be psychic. But I’ve just been psychic all my life. When I was very young, I could, you know, I could feel my mom’s headaches and I’d be able to take remove them. I could feel them in her head and I could remove them. And I’ve always sort of been, I suppose in quite interdimensional I’ve always seen things and felt things and it’s just been part of my life really. And I’m very thankful that I was able to ground that energy because I grew up in a household where it was safe.

So people who are intuitive and psychic and empath you know, empathic people who were born with that the the, you know, the high end empathy will also you know, you are going to absorb and pick up on energies. Interestingly, also, if you’ve been, if you’ve been brought up in a home where it was quite traumatising that you become hyper vigilant, and that’s also creates, it creates a sort of a deeper sensitivity in you and you also pick up on what people are feeling and thinking and doing and you know, that’s there. So one of the things that’s important for people is to learn how to sort of ground that energy because we’re all I mean, I don’t know if psychics the right word, but we are all we all have the power to be psychic in our own lives. That’s just the power of who we are. We all have the power to drop down into that, that depth. And and, and really connect in a deep way and feel and hear and see for ourselves. You may not want to do that for other people, but that absolutely and and really, that’s with my work.

What I’m empowering people to do is to be in their own power and to feel their own energy in their own lives. So that they can rely and on their own guidance or in a guidance. It’s connected. And, you know, we know it’s important then in terms of, you know, when you come out of woo woo land, it’s important. Like in your work, you know, wherever you are in relationship or to be able to, you know, have a line in the sand, you know, this is where I end and you begin, and the I end and you begin that lie in the sand means that we hold ourselves safe.

And holding yourself safe is a very, very, very important, it’s like the first don’t go out without that line in the sand. Hold yourself safe, and it’s okay to hold yourself, say, you know, I can love you completely and still have a line in the sand. It doesn’t mean I love you any less. And so when we talk about, when we think about all of this as a whole, it’s sort of and we and you know, we think about our periods and we think about moon and we think about why we’re having this conversation. It’s it’s really so that you can hold yourself safe, in a safe and grounded and loving way every day in your life, and what that looks like in the world.

Le’Nise: So having boundaries and knowing what those boundaries are, is really powerful in terms of feeling like you’re safe in your body, in your mind.

Estelle: Yeah, absolutely. And energetically, so and psychically, right? So, so energetically, and I suppose that’s what I mean about the sensitivity. You know, that we, even if we don’t think we’re psychic, you know that that sensitivity is psychic, actually, it’s kind of what it is, right? And it’s almost, it’s almost like that has been demonised over time, too. Right. So, women’s psychic ability or their intuitive ability, their healing ability, you know, we we have to that’s been really collectively, it has been collectively crushed through the year you know, over the over the centuries. So it’s just this idea that, you know, I know who I am. And I hold myself say I hold, you know, this is my line in the sand, I hold my energy safe. And I know when to say no. And I know what’s good. I know what’s not good for me, you know, doesn’t mean I love you any less. That means I love myself. I’m allowed to love myself first. And I can love you too.

Le’Nise: I asked you before about how women can connect back with their, their cycle in terms of the moon. And just to kind of expand that question to what we’re talking about now. If someone’s listening and they feel like they have this intuition, but they like you say it’s been crushed over time because of people saying, well, that’s not real. That’s, you know, that’s woo woo nonsense, but they have the sense that something else is inside them. How can they start to re-nurture that?

Estelle: Yeah, I mean, I get this a lot, right. So, with, with my with people I work with, and you know, when they start when we start to move into alignment, and trust, all of these things are very powerful. We start to quiet and we listen, you know, go into the silence, soften. We hear more, right? Our intuition, intuition speaks to us. That voice inside that you’ve sat on forever and a day, like it gets louder. And the voice inside you know, it, there’s this tussle and I witnessed this tussle a lot of like, ‘Yeah, but is it right, like, is it speaking to me? Or is it my fear was in doubt, like, is it right or wrong?’ And there is a difference, you know, there is a difference. And you start to understand the difference and we it’s like it’s a mashed, it’s like it’s all kind of in this ball at the beginning. And then we pull out, you pull out the guiding voice internal intuition, that that real don’t go there. You know, don’t put your hand in the fire, it’s gonna burn you. And, you know, don’t, ‘Oh, I’m getting alarm bells about that guy like, no, no, no’, you know, just that that real powerful voice and then all of this chatter, the chatter, right, the doubt and the fear and that didn’t you know, the maybe and should I and shouldn’t I and all that kind of chatter in the mind.

There is a difference. And the, the inner guiding voice is like, boom, it’s like it all it comes in and it gets stronger. The more you feed that you, the more you allow, like, it’s like, it’s like, you know, it’s that classic. I’m going to water the seed, right? It gets louder and it’s clear. There is a clarity to that voice. Right. So when we show up and these are gentle things, these are not like big deal things. You can just show up for five minutes a day. Okay, or on the full moon, and you can ask or just listen, you can just go into place of quietness, just, you know, jot down how you feel. And then ask, you know, ask your inner guidance, ‘Do you have a message for me today? Or is there something I need to listen to that I need to hear?’ Like, what? And you just write it and come back to it and observe it. You know, and do that for a few months. Just stay out of judgement. Stay out, you know, and I always tell people to just not get into the chatter, just observe like, and you’ll start to see who’s in the room. Right? And you’ll see that they’ll be like the chattering little Le’Nises and then there’s gonna be boom, and it’s gonna be like, Le’Nise like the the you know, she’s in, the voices in and it’s there’s a difference. And then all that’s in the room is the voice right, so that all you just you’re just in that truth, you’re in relationship. You’re in dialogue with that part of you. And that part of you, you were born to be in dialogue with that part of you, you know is the part of us it’s that really saves the day like it’s powerful.

Le’Nise: Wow, I’m getting chills and you’re talking it is it, just wow. If someone is listening and they, they want to work with you, how would they how would they go about doing that?

Estelle: They can they can find me on my website. I’m on my website: www.estellebingham.com. Yes, that’s right. I’m not very technical, technically minded, but I do get those emails. I do 1-2-1, I do workshops, and I do retreats. And so I’m also at this time, Zoom time, I’m doing, I’m doing zoom meditations. So you know, three times a week, and I do a full moon every month. So there’s one coming up tomorrow. I’ve decided that’s going to be a celebration, because I feel like, you know, we’re eight weeks into this stuff, this pandemic, and I just, you know, last week and this is the thing about energy, I was talking to you earlier about it, before we started, it’s within the collective, last week was a very tough week for people. Scorpio and the Scorpio Moon can drag us into the cave a little bit, can drag us into the darkness, that Scorpionic energy, back into some old stuff. But it’s a real cleansing, so tomorrow is a real release and a real cleanse. It was the May Day, which in Celtic culture is Beltane, which is the beginning of summer, and it’s about beginnings and it’s really, one of the things about time is to recognise that these are just moments in time and this too shall pass. And we can have and vision and manifest our new beginnings and it’s important that we do that and we push ourselves to do that too, because it’s very easy to get into a bit of a lull of what’s going to happen, the doubt, the fear and the anxiety and there’s a lot of that out there. But again, when you think about basic manifesting and visioning our futures, we also just need to show up and we need to keep showing up, personally, individually, as a collective and as a community. Cause we are all out there somewhere and we’re all connected and we’re all feeling each other. It’s just that we have to start to feel into that and some of the stuff that I’ve spoken about today is a way to start to feel into that. We’re not alone, we’re all in connection and we’re all connected and the more aligned we are, the more connected we are.

Le’Nise: If someone’s listening and you want to distill everything you’ve said into one soundbite, what would that be? What would you want that one thing they take away to be?

Estelle: Today, choose to listen to yourself, gently and lovingly, so that you are able to love yourself more and come home to yourself.

Le’Nise: Wonderful. So your website is www.estellebingham.com and they can find you there and they can also find you on Instagram.

Estelle: They can find me on Instagram. I’ve only just gone on there. I’ve been on there for about six months and yes, they can find me on there. Look forward to seeing you all.

Le’Nise: Thank you so much for coming on the show, Estelle, it’s been really wonderful speaking to you.

Estelle: Thanks for having me. It’s been great to meet you, finally.

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