What Nakd bars can I eat on the Whole30?

I love Nakd bars. They’re an amazing snack and totally Whole30 compliant. Or are they?


I was inspired by a post I saw on Instagram a few weeks ago where someone made a lovely visual of all the Whole30 compliant and not compliant Larabars.


We don’t have Larabars in the UK, but we have Nakd bars! So here is your list of all the Whole30 compliant Nakd bars, perfect if you’re in a jam!


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  1. Hi! Are these the only compliant Nakd bars…? Thanks 🙂

    Posted 8.14.15 Reply
    • I think some of the cocoa ones are as well now. I left them out as they seemed a bit SWYPO but up to you to make your own call!

      Posted 8.14.15 Reply
  2. Hi ! Are these the only compliant Nakd bars….?

    Posted 8.14.15 Reply