Stories I loved this week.

New York skyline

The first week of the new year is finished! Did you make it though okay? I started a new contract on Tuesday, finished a big assignment for my nutrition degree and have lectures this whole weekend. But I’m ready for it and feel really refreshed after the Christmas break. How about you?

Made me laugh – the exquisite boredom of a vacation with a toddler. (New York)

Apparently poke (I want to try this!), savoury yogurt and algae are going to be some of this year’s trendy foods. (Thrillist)

I hate kitchen waste and really try to use as many of the cooking scraps as possible, especially in broths. Some great tips here. (Bon Appetit)

Want to send emails with more assertive language? Check out this Gmail plug-in that underlines words that undermine your message. (Just Not Sorry)

Change4Life, one of the UK government’s public health and nutrition initiative have released a great app that scans barcodes and tells you how many cubes of sugar are in packaged foods. Very eye opening! (iTunes)

Truth. The best type of exercise for losing weight is the one that you will actually do. (The Conversation)

Photo by Death to Stock

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