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Sometimes it’s important to get a reminder to be gentle with yourself. I got a big one this week when my new job finally kicked into gear and I came home each day very tired with only enough energy to eat, hang out with my husband and son and zone out with my laptop in front of the TV. No studying and no blogging was done this week. I felt guilty about it, especially since one of my goals was to be more intentional about blogging and about my leisure time this year. The guilt was counterproductive, so I had to say f*ck it and give myself a break. It’s exhausting feeling guilty about things, isn’t it? Such a waste of energy. Incidentally, have you read the book, F**k it therapy? It’s supposed to be very good.

Some simple but good tips for avoiding parental burnout. ‘Me time’ is essential and I often stay up a bit later so I feel like I have time for myself. Now that I’m working again, I do everything possible to take my full hour’s lunch break, to sit, eat, read a book and take a beat. (Mother)

Have you ever read the Michael Pollan essay that kick started it all? Well worth your time. (The New York Times)

Such a great piece on changing the way we think about food. In Anglo-Saxon culture, there seems to be so much unnecessary guilt around food – bad food, dirty food, guilty pleasures we can’t seem to just let ourselves enjoy a piece of cake and then move on. (goop)

As someone with a very strong sense of smell, I’ve always found it fascinating how much I use this sense to guide some of my decisions. Now I know a bit more about why. (aeon)

I love sparkling water, but have had this nagging feeling for awhile that it’s not good for me. Turns out, it’s perfectly safe. (BBC)

Finally. Why I’m always so, so, so, so hungry around my period. (Greatist)


Working in the advertising industry, this isn’t surprising at all. You do eat with your eyes, after all. (The Guardian)

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