What I’m Reading: Reverse The Signs of Ageing

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Written by Dr Nigma Talib, a naturopathic doctor based in London and New York, Reverse The Signs of Ageing is absolutely PACKED with information. So much so, I decided to slow down to make sure I was really absorbing all of the information.

It’s so important to state that Dr Talib is very much pro-aging and thinks it’s a natural part of life that we need to embrace better. However, as the title of the book suggests, we needn’t let the signs of ageing overwhelm us.

And that is the premise of the book – how to identify the signs of ageing and how we can use food, supplements, skin care, lifestyle, exercise and stress management to stop / slow down these signs of ageing in their tracks.

Dr Talib talks through a Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic technique called ‘face mapping’ to assess potential trouble spots in the face. The guiding principle of face mapping  is that each part of the face is connected to a major organ. For example, spots on the chin in women can be a sign of hormonal imbalances in the reproductive system and dark circles under the eyes can indicate sluggish kidney function. This is so fascinating to me because it just shows how connected the whole body is and how important it is for mainstream and naturopathic practitioners to look at the whole person, not just the symptoms.

Reverse The Signs of Ageingtakes a completely holistic perspective and demonstrates that there really are no quick fixes and to truly reverse the signs of ageing, you need to address the internal and the external.

I highly recommend this book and have been using it a resource when working with clients. A must-read for any naturopath or nutritionist!


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