Stories I loved this week.


I love this photo. We just bought a Chemex (the wooden and glass urn) and it’s seriously revolutionised our coffee making. We can make much smaller amounts and the flavour is just unbelievable. Try it!

One of the saddest things I’ve read in a while. The emotional cost that Filipino nannies pay for moving abroad to earn money. (The New Yorker)

I want to check out UBiome, a service that sequences your microbiome.

The case against skimmed milk is stronger than ever. (Time)

The power of “I don’t know”. (The Pool)

A fascinating long read on how one of the first scientists who raised the alarm on the harm of sugar was discredited by the scientific community. How times have changed! (The Guardian)

Have you heard of trypophobia? (The Conversation)

Sourdough starters – some people think that this is the only way to make bread. Have you tried it? My husband is obsessed. (New York Times)

Speaking of sourdough, Michael Pollan talks about it quite a lot in the Air episode of his new Netflix series, Cooked. Worth watching.

The most recent version of the Good Fish Guide has been released and I’ll be browsing this to figure out which wild fish and seafood are the best to eat.

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