Stories I loved this week.

colourful buildings

We’ve had a few warm days in London this week and now I’m itching for summer. London is so great in the summer, with the many parks, rooftop patios and riverside pubs. My husband and I had a day off this week for his birthday and we discovered a fabulous rooftop pub / garden on top of the South Bank Centre. And it was utter bliss to sit in the sun with a book, a glass of wine and a bit of peace. Looking forward to going back with J so he can run around the garden.

The life changing magic of tidying up for new parents. Made me giggle. (The New Yorker)

An interesting first-person view on the body dysmorphia of the men in her life. (Refinery 29)

So cool. This British astronaut is running the London Marathon in space. (CBS News)

Do you have a negative voice inside, with a running pessimistic monologue? I do and it drives me crazy. Here are some good tips on how to quell that voice. (Well + Good)

5 easy ways to overhaul your nutrition. (Elle)

How many workout leggings are too many workout leggings? Not sure what the answer is but I’m obsessed with this pair from Sweaty Betty and want to add them to my collection.

I’ve never understood ‘gingerism‘. In Canada, where I’m from, we call them redheads and it’s generally considered quite unique and interesting to have redhead. (Aeon)

Photo by Samuel Zeller

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