Stories I loved this week.

mother and child in landscape

Happy, happy, happy weekend! What are you up to? We’re doing some bits and pieces to our house to make it look tip top to sell, heading to central London for brunch and generally pottering about.

I’m really enjoying my summer break and getting a little psychic space to reflect on what I’ve learned this year and think about my plans for when I graduate.

Turmeric is the root of the moment. (NY Mag)

Bad news in the summer heat – iced coffee doesn’t have the same caffeine content as regular coffee. (Science of Us)

How to push yourself through a really hard workout. (Well + Good)

The three most powerful game changers in recent scientific literature – the microbiome, exosomes and belief / the placebo effect. (Dr Kelly Brogan)

I want to try this lovely summer salad recipe – watermelon, mint, prosciutto and almond, yum! (Bon Appetit)

The UK government recently recommended that everyone start supplementing with vitamin D. So how much should you actually take? (Clinical Education)

Great advice if you’re looking to change careers. #5 and #6 really resonate with me. (Well + Good)

Do your gut microbes control your food cravings? (Chris Kresser)

Photo by Jenn Richardson

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