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Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your mojo? You know, that spark, the get-up and go that pushes you forward into new projects and new work. I’m starting to feel like I need to issue a missing person’s report for my mojo. I was hoping that a bit of rest and relaxation after my exam would rejuvenate me, and it has, but my pep has still not returned. Any advice?

I’m hoping that a change of scenery will do the trick and have organised some day trips. Oh and the holiday research has begun again in earnest. There’s nothing like a bit of Mediterranean sun to put things into perspective and bring back the mojo and energy.

I love this day in a life from one of the top researchers and new mum at Google: “It’s almost like somehow I give myself the permission self-consciously to just do the piece that I think is the most important because I know I can’t do it all.” (NY Mag)

10 facts you probably don’t know about sunscreen. I really want to try the Beauty Counter sunscreen – when will they start to sell it in the UK! (Well + Good)

I really want to try some of these ice lolly recipes! (Bon Appetit)

An objective view on ‘clean eating’ and ‘dirty food’ (i.e burgers, kebabs, chicken, etc). (The Guardian)

Baking successfully with alternative flours. The almond flour lemon yoghurt cake looks particularly good. (goop)

Get rid of your back up plan. (The Pool)

8 women talk about how they feel about their post-baby bodies. (The Cut)

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