What are the symptoms of iron deficiency?

Symptoms of iron deficiency

In my last post, I talked of how important it is to get the right levels of iron in our daily diet. Check back to see examples of heme and non-heme foods to add in.


If you think you might have low iron, here’s what the NHS says are the symptoms of iron deficiency:


✅ Lethargy, lack of energy, always feeling tired / weak

✅ Weak or peeling nails

✅ Spoon shaped nails

✅ Hair loss

✅ Pale or sallow skin

✅ Shortness of breath

✅ Rapid heartbeat

✅ Pounding / ringing in the ear

✅ Ice, dirt or clay craving, known as pica

✅ Sore or smooth tongue


If you’ve been feeling fatigue recently and connect with some of these symptoms, it’s worth getting your iron levels checked by your GP.


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