Fresh Vegetables and Fruits That Last Longer Than A Week

f you’re self-isolating or in quarantine, you might be wondering what to put on your grocery order that’s going to last a while / not go mouldy in a few days.

Frozen veg and fruit is always a winner and full of nutrients because it’s frozen at peak freshness. If that’s not your jam, then how about these beauties? They last longer than a week and are wonderful for immune and hormone health. 

Add these to your grocery order and store appropriately to extend the freshness.

You can also chop up some of these fruits like apples and pears and freeze them if you can’t get your hands on any frozen fruits.

Have you added any of these to your grocery order / shop?

Le’Nise Brothers is a registered nutritionist, mBANT, women’s health, hormone and menstrual cycle coach, founder of Eat Love Move and host of the Period Story Podcast

Le’Nise works primarily with women who feel like they’re being ruled by their sugar cravings, mood swings and hormonal acne & bloating. 

They want to get to grips with heavy, missing, irregular & painful periods, fibroids, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis, post-natal depletion and perimenopause.  

Her mission is for women to understand and embrace their hormones & menstrual cycle! 

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