Stories I loved this week.


How’s your week been? I just handed in my second assignment and once I found the time to get down to it, it was really interesting. We had to do an analysis of food diaries – our own, the average Western diet and a Western diet with naturopathic adjustments. It was eye opening to see how low in antioxidants and phytonutrients the average Western diet really is! With that assignment out of the way, next up is some proper studying for my semester one exam in mid-March.

I’d like to try this zero-waste restaurant in Notting Hill. I love that they donate all excess fruit and veg to food banks. (Protein)

More women are choosing ‘curvy’ career paths and I salute them. (The Pool)

A great first-hand look at why different diets work for different people. Call me a broken record, but there really is no one sized fits all solution in nutrition. (Verily)

How are you protecting yourself from environmental toxins? (Chris Kresser)

Great coconut oil beauty hacks. (Self)

Why poor children can’t be picky eaters. (New York Times)

An eye opening look into the world of Tumblr teens and how they make their money. (New Republic)

Have you tried rebounding? I really want to figure out a way to fit a small rebounder into my flat. (goop)

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