Stories I loved this week.


It’s nearly Mother’s Day here in the UK and my two guys took me for a lovely brunch this morning – it’s a week early, I know, but I’ll be in clinics all next weekend, so it’s nice to have an early treat!

Are you excited about the new season of House of Cards? I am. Have you been curious about Kevin Spacey’s Southern accent in the series? Here’s an explainer. (Vox)

What it’s like to work in Hollywood, if you’re not a straight, white man. (New York Times)

This is why you poop so often during your period. (Self)

A good reminder for those really trying parenting moments – how to avoid bribes and threats. (Mother)

It’s interesting to see much umami features in so many culture’s palates, yet seems to be very slowly growing as a taste in the UK. I’d personally love to see more fermented foods in major supermarkets. (The Spectator)

I really love what LocoL stands for and hope it’s a success. (The Guardian)

In light of the current meningitis B national conversation in the UK, here’s a fascinating (and highly rationale) perspective on parents who choose not to vaccinate or follow the recommended vaccine schedule. It’s not as anti-science as you’d expect. (Aeon)

Photo by Vashishtha Jogi

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